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Combine workplace training and study with a real, value-add role in our business with one of our Apprenticeship programmes. You’ll have a debt-free, recognised qualification and invaluable experience. We offer a wide range of schemes at different levels across Nestlé, each providing huge opportunities within our teams.

Advanced Apprenticeships L3

If you have 5 GCSE (or equivalent) qualifications at Grades 9-4 (or A*-C if taken in 2017 or before), our fantastic range of Advanced Apprenticeship opportunities give you the chance to mix real on-the-job experience, with opportunities to learn from truly knowledgeable people and receive an attractive salary package. Find out more about each and apply below.

Higher Apprenticeships L4-6

If you have A-level or equivalent qualifications, our fantastic Apprenticeships will enable you to mix real on the job experience with funded study. You’ll learn from truly knowledgeable people, gain and apply vital workplace skills and receive an attractive salary package.

We aim to be inclusive, regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, religion or disability, and we oppose any form of unfair discrimination.

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Learn about Capgemini's pioneering apprenticeships

Capgemini offers a range of award-winning apprenticeships delivering in both technology and business solutions for some of the UK’s household names.

Capgemini were one of the first to launch the degree apprenticeship programme back in 2011 working with Aston University. Since then, the programme has enjoyed continued success and now boast a community of over 300 apprentices. By joining Capgemini's apprentice community, you’ll be working with exciting clients across a number of sectors as part of a dynamic team.

You’ll get the opportunity to earn and learn, gaining valuable business experience whilst working towards your sponsored degree. No student debt, with a guaranteed position and valuable work experience are just a few of many reasons why the programme has become increasingly popular year on year. 


Capgemini's technology degree apprenticeships

Join Capgemini's pioneering 4 ½ year Technology Degree Apprenticeship Programme. As the first of its kind in the UK, it's ideal for those people who want a degree and want to work at the same time. Graduate with Aston University studying a BSc (Honours) in Digital & Technology Solutions degree, knowing you have the skills and experience to have a rewarding career in the tech sector. 

The degree has three eighteen-month stages, each equivalent to a normal academic year. Each stage comprises three six-month blocks. This pattern of study is designed to fit around full-time employment and uses a blended learning approach, which mixes distance learning, work-based study and attendance at on-campus study days.

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Kew Green Hotels

Who We Are

With 55 hotels (and counting) in our UK portfolio and a number of brands across leading hotel chains including IHG, Marriott and Hilton Hotels & Resorts, what unites us is our values.​

What We Care About

Here at Kew Green, our award-winning Talent team care about finding the best candidates (note: ‘best’ is about energy, passion and attitude) and once you’ve joined us, supporting your personal and professional development.

So, if you’ve taken some time out to travel, or raise small-people? GREAT, you’ll have a whole heap of transferable skills. Or, perhaps you’re just starting out and think university isn’t for you and want to earn while you learn with an apprenticeship? Whatever your story, we’d love to hear from you.

Wondering If You Would Be A Good Fit Here?

Our Values – which tells you what we look for in our team members:

We pursue outstanding – our dedication  to the customer shows in everything we do.
We trust our teams – we train, develop  and support each other.
The details matter – it is our relentless  focus on the little things that is our foundation
We love change – growth and innovation  are the DNA of Kew Green Hotels.

We are a leading employer for inclusivity and diversity, embracing projects such as mental health first-aid training and recruitment projects with ex-homeless, ex-offenders and veterans.

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Be an apprentice at Northern, and be you.

Right now, Northern are doing something pretty amazing. As one of the UK’s largest train operators, they’re creating the kind of business that anyone can picture themselves being part of, whatever their background, skills, experience, or lifestyle.

It’s the kind of place where you can be ambitious, be determined, be flexible, and be your best. It’s where you won’t just be Northern - you’ll be able to be you.

That’s especially true if you’re looking for an apprenticeship. They’re fast becoming the norm for people who want to fast-track or even change their careers, and at Northern they’re a great way to take your first steps in train planning, control, customer service, engineering and more.

You’ll begin with a fantastic induction, while building your knowledge around your role and the rail industry itself. You’ll also attend college two days a month which will help you gain your qualifications. And all in a business that’s creating a brand new, diverse, inclusive, equal, and flexible future for everyone who works there.

So, if you haven’t thought about working for a train company before, it’s time to start looking at Northern in a different way. It’s time to be you.

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FInancial Services Training Partners

Imagine if you were playing ‘word associations’ with friends and work colleagues and the round started with “apprenticeships”. On the one hand, you might hear people saying ‘manual, dull work, low- level, low-wages, low-skilled, dead-end, basic office administration or even slave-labour! But on the other hand, you might also hear more positive descriptions; ‘earning whilst learning’; a better and more useful alternative to A’ Levels and degrees; the ‘best of both worlds’ in terms of combining student life and studying. These polarised views are very much where Financial Services are with the use of apprenticeships.

Over the last fifty years, successive UK governments and employers have learnt the hard way that disadvantaged youth and disaffected employees with nothing to aim for or aspire to, will very often quickly become disillusioned, disenchanted and eventually disenfranchised and disconnected. Now in the post Covid working world this is even more true.

However, many employers (as their training providers will doubtless testify) have produced high-quality, rigorous and challenging apprenticeships aimed at staff of all ages and mostly, the 17-25 year old population. These apprenticeships are useful not only in terms of helping an individual make a smooth transition from school, or college, into the workplace, but also in potentially enabling that person to attain a degree-level work-based qualification.

It’s the same now with further / higher education and the decision of whether or not to go to university, versus either getting a vocational training or going straight into a job and working one’s way up. With the student debts ever-increasing, the decision not to go to university will be an absolute ‘no-brainer’ for some.

One source estimates average student debts of < £50,000 and although some of it may be “capped” (according to The Week, around 80% of student debt is written-off), students still face the daunting prospect of what to do next with their degree whilst figuring out how to pay off what’s owed and getting a solid footing on the first rung of the career ladder.

This is where apprenticeships really come into their own and may have the edge over conventional full-time tertiary education. Even with part-time jobs, a university degree costs tens of thousands of pounds, with no guarantee of future career success, despite some evidence that it will eventually boost the individual’s earning potential. An apprenticeship enables a person to earn as they learn and in fact prepares them far better, in some ways, for many of life’s curve-balls and stresses. Once enrolled, an apprentice quickly finds out how to juggle the priorities of working, studying and socialising with the demands of home-life and possibly other activities, such as being a carer. Therefore, parents, schools and colleges must ensure that apprenticeships are being promoted alongside more traditional academic routes.

Apprenticeships may never be a substitute for the “bubble” of student-life on campus, but they are shaking off a reputation of low-paid drudgery. And there are more higher-level apprenticeships coming on stream. But entrants beware and be ready. Whilst apprentices can be at any age and potentially available to anyone looking to return to work after a long leave of absence (e.g. returning mums, or career-breakists), competition for the best apprenticeships is as fierce as it is for the top university places.

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