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The work of the policy profession is central to the work of government. Policy is about implementing the programme of our democraticallyelected government in a way that best serves the needs of our citizens, to help them enjoy better public services and a higher quality of life. Policy people work within all government departments designing, delivering and communicating policy, and working across organisational boundaries and professional disciplines to deliver results. We are a profession organised around our professional standards which set out the core skills we expect from our policy professionals. In addition to your departmental policy team, there is a network of policy working level contacts throughout the Civil Service, and a central Policy Profession Unit, who work on strategic issues for the policy profession. Currently, the profession has vacancies in a number of specific Departments, with vacancies in other Departments potentially also becoming available in future. Further information about the departments currently involved in this campaign, please refer to the Department Overview section of this pack. Candidates should note that future opportunities may be available with other Departments.