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We are the independent body in the UK representing the diversity of medical science. Our mission is to advance biomedical and health research and its translation into benefits for society.

We are working to secure a future in which:


  • UK and global health is improved by the best research.
  • The UK leads the world in biomedical and health research, and is renowned for the quality of its research outputs, talent and collaborations. 
  • Independent, high quality medical science advice informs the decisions that affect society.
  • More people have a say in the future of health and research.
Our work focusses on four key objectives:


  1. Promoting excellence
  2. Developing talented researchers
  3. Influencing research and policy
  4. Engaging patients, the public and professionals
We are guided by the following values and characteristics.


  • A Fellowship of the UK’s best biomedical and health researchers
  • An independent source of evidence-based and expert advice
  • Connected to, and respected by, decision makers
  • Focused on realising cross-disciplinary opportunities across academia, industry and healthcare.        
  • Committed to improving and celebrating diversity - in all its forms - in the biomedical and health research community
  • Global in outlook, reach and influence
  • Catalytic, inclusive and accessible in our approach
  • Responsive to change and innovative in our solutions
  • Adept at maximising our impact through partnership working

Registered Charity No. 1070618

Registered Company No. 3520281