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Advanced Acquisition - Digital Forensics


Tamworth, West Midlands

About the job

Job description

Serious and organised crime is one of the gravest threats to the UK’s national security. The National Crime Agency sits at the heart of the law enforcement response, protecting the public by disrupting and bringing to justice those serious and organised criminals who pose the highest risk to the UK. As an NCA officer, you can make a difference. We are currently looking to recruit a G5 Advanced Acquisition Officer to join our Digital Forensics Team.

As the complexity of electronic devices increases there is a requirement to engineer increasingly complex solutions in order to extract the data stored within them. We are seeking candidates who are experienced with electronic engineering principles and the use of rework, repair and diagnostic equipment to facilitate the extraction and presentation of data from devices seized during NCA activity. Essentially, we need someone who has had forensic training in multiple tools, and has demonstrable experience in report writing and performance monitoring. We also need you to have experience in the field of software or hardware development.

The successful candidate will be required to develop techniques and methods to extract data from a wide range of devices and be prepared to present their findings as a witness in criminal proceedings. This will be a diverse and rewarding role, with many opportunities for personal development, including relevant training and collaboration with peers within UK and international agencies.

If you want to make the UK a safer place, apply today.