Chief of Staff


The role is based in Northwood Headquarters. However, Strategic Command are predominately working from home in accordance with Government COVID-19 advice, with occasional requirements to attend the workplace, which has been configured for socially distance working.

About the job


The Chief of Staff of Strategic Command’s headquarters will be expected to organise carefully, think clearly and prioritise accurately under demanding timelines. With a team of 50 individuals and financial responsibility for the headquarters, the Chief of Staff is an important position that is an integral part of the Command Group and is responsible directly to the Deputy Commander for orchestrating the headquarters’ outputs. The Chief of Staff will work as part of a motivated and hard-working team that prides itself on inclusion, empowerment and innovation. It provides a terrific opportunity for someone who wants to work under pressure, very much at the leading edge of operational innovation and procurement, as part of a new organisation establishing itself across Defence.

Job description

UK Strategic Command (UKStratCom) is one of Defence for Commands and is a Top Level Budget (TLB). As Defence’s integrator, it brings together its subordinate organisations of Defence Intelligence, Joint Force Development, Defence Digital, Defence Medical Services, Defence Support, operational command and oversight through the Permanent Joint Headquarters, Special Forces and Support to the Overseas Bases. Each of these are High Level Budget (HLB) holders. In addition, it is responsible for ensuring that the five warfighting domains of maritime, air, land, cyber and space are integrated which gives UKStratCom a pan-Defence role. The UKStratCom Headquarters’ staff provide the necessary strategy, planning, resource and capability oversight, governance and assurance support to the Commander.

As part of the MOD-directed implementation of Strategic Command’s role, the military Chief of Staff role has been retitled Director Strategy, with a concomitant change in terms of reference. To deliver the coherence and co-ordination function previously actioned by that individual, there is a now a need for a senior civil servant to be appointed to the Chief of Staff (COS) role within the UKStratCom Headquarters. Working directly to the Deputy Commander, the Chief of Staff will lead the delivery of a more effective and efficient Headquarters. They will take the lead on staff work, including the tracking of MoD directed tasks and coordination with the subordinate HLBs, driving the Headquarters meeting schedules, including Executive Committee (ExCo) events and internal assurance boards, and fostering a Joint and Whole Force culture in the staff.

At the heart of the work within the UKStratCom Headquarters, the COS will be directly involved in ensuring an effective and unified Headquarters output to deliver the day-to-day activity to meet the Commander’s stated priorities. In the near term, this is likely to include work on the Integrated Review and development and delivery of the Multi-Domain Integration Change Programme. The COS will need to be an individual who understands the Headquarters’ dynamics and the interplay with its subordinate organisations and single Service counterparts.

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Lead and co-ordinate the Headquarters team to deliver the Commanders key outcomes and benefits.

Ensure effective, efficient and coherent communication flow within the Headquarters Command Group and across 10 subordinate organisations within UKStratCom.

Responsible for day-to-day running of the UKStratCom Headquarters meetings and the secretariat function. This includes ensuring that all necessary arrangements have been made, that governance and assurance topics are identified and presented.

Be the focal point, and initial point of contact, for senior visits to Strategic Command up to and including the most senior level.

The COS will own the budget and resourcing for delivery of Headquarters capability. Managing and approving spend for the Headquarters, the COS will be responsible for £66M per annum.

Lead and manage a range of TLB responsibilities including information and data Governance; Health Safety & Protection (HS&P), including environmental sustainability; Diversity and Inclusion (D&I); Security; business resilience; and organisational learning. Ensure legal and MOD compliance with GDPR and associated Joint Service Publications through the provision of existing services delivered by the Knowledge and Information Management, Cyber and Information Security, Data Protection and information-hub teams.

Develop Headquarters specific policies, procedures and standards where required.

Attend a broad range of boards and Committees, including the Strategic Command ExCo and Board, Senior pan-Defence Security, Health and Safety and Information Governance boards.

Directly manage five military and civilian personnel ; and act as Countersigning Officer and leader of a large team of up to 51 functional specialists.

Please see attached the candidate information pack for further details.

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