Cyber Security Apprenticeship

Do you have what it takes to tackle cyber-criminals and help protect the UK Government? If yes, then you could be the Cyber Security Apprentice we are looking for! The Cross-Government Security Profession is working with a number of Government Departments and Agencies to bring you exciting career opportunities in Cyber Security. You could become a Cyber Apprentice in the Civil Service in England.

Job description

This is an excellent opportunity to join an innovative programme whilst earning a salary. As a Cyber Security apprentice working in a rapidly-growing sector you will have the chance to develop your skills and become a cyber-professional of tomorrow! These are exciting, challenging and stimulating jobs in some of the key Government Departments and Agencies managing digital networks and information security risks, impacting on all aspects of life in the UK. Cyber Security is the security of these networks and information that they hold; you will have a significant role in managing risk and mitigating threats to national security. Excellent on-the-job experience and training will enable you to develop the advanced technical skills needed to prevent cybercrime, decrypt data, clarifying and resolving malware issues. The apprenticeship will also help you build a foundation level of knowledge in critical areas of Cyber Security, setting you up for a successful and rewarding career.

On this 2-year programme you will not only complete a Level 4 Cyber Security Technologist Higher Apprenticeship, you will:
• Learn the fundamental skills you need to begin your career as a security professional.
• Develop the knowledge and skills required, such as incident response, risk management and digital forensics, to equip you to be a future Cyber Security specialist
• Tackle topics such as ethical hacking, cyber security fundamentals, threats and vulnerabilities.
• Gain invaluable experience by learning challenging theory and immediately applying this on-the-job.
• Be supported by experienced mentors and managers who will guide you through your apprenticeships.


You should apply for this role if you…
• Have a natural flair for logically and creatively solving problems;
• Are passionate about technology;
• Are able to work independently and in corporation with others, take responsibility and use your initiative;
• Enjoy reacting to incident and preventing disasters before they happen;
• Can articulate complex issues clearly to a wide range of people;
• Want to make a real difference in the work you do.

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