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Deputy Director Asia and Thematics Analysis

Defence Intelligence has recently completed a review in order to position the organisation for the challenges of an increasingly contested world. The review is still being implemented so some details may yet change, and the successful candidate will be important in shaping this part of the organisation.

Growing competition across the globe, particularly in Asia, economics and energy can have a decisive impact on the safety and security of the UK. To prevail in these circumstances, Defence must build and maintain understanding, foresight and awareness of an increasingly broad range of topics, areas and themes.


Job description

You will be central to delivering the relevance and impact required of Defence Intelligence. Initially focusing on areas of niche capability unique within the Five Eyes defence community, you will be the senior civilian in the multi-agency, tri-service and international assessment facility at RAF Wyton, providing leadership for a significant proportion of DI’s 4000 personnel.

You will directly lead around 100 staff delivering intelligence analysis for Asia and across a range of disciplines, including Infrastructre, Human Factors (psychology and sociology),
Economics,Counter-Violent Extremist Organisations and Language Services.

You will also provide UK oversight for the multi-national Joint Narcotics Analysis Centre. These staff are located both at
RAF Wyton and MOD Main Building in Whitehall.

For further information, please refer to the Candidate Information Pack.


  • Briefing seniors in Defence, Cross-Whitehall, PAG and international customers on intelligence matters pertaining to the Asia and Thematics analytical areas of responsibility.
  • Coordinating and influencing Defence’s wider Asia-facing intelligence mission in order to meet customer requirements.
  • Assuring all analytical output in the DI Asia and Thematics Mission Teams.
  • Promoting cross-government collaborative activity and interoperability, which will involve travel in the UK and overseas.
  • Maximising the value of international engagement with allies and partners including NATO.
  • Promoting innovation to deliver the DI message.
  • Providing effective line management for those within the Asia and Thematic Mission Teams, and allocated Business Support personnel.
  • Providing the DI senior civilian leadership role at Wyton.
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