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Deputy Director Government Equalities Office

We are currently advertising up to three Deputy Director roles for The Government Equalities Office:

• One focusing primarily on strategy.

• One focusing primarily on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender policy.

• One focusing primarily on crosscutting work and performance.

You are invited to apply for all three roles, and/or indicate a preference for one – the skills needed are similar, and I am keen to recruit a team with diverse experience.

You will need to be able to lead and manage a team of approximately 25 people, working on a diverse range of issues.

Part of GEO’s credibility rests on our ability to marshal an evidence base effectively – we need to be able to make the case for why and how action needs to be taken using strong data and evidence. You will need to think creatively, respond effectively to changing circumstances, and be able to establish the confidence of Ministers and senior officials. You will need to use a range of skills in order to get often complex pieces of work moving to a successful conclusion – managing projects effectively, building strong relationships at pace, assessing pieces of work from different perspectives, and persisting in the face of difficulty or uncertainty.

Key responsibilities

The following areas of responsibility will be split between the three roles, with the precise split depending on the experiences and interests of the successful candidates, and evolving business need:

• Our overall strategy for equalities across government.

• Communications – press office, strategic communications, and social media.

• International – ensuring the UK’s interestsand achievements are promoted overseas, and learning from best practice in other countries.

• Analysis – including economic analysis and social research.

• Performance – tracking progress, project management, resource allocation.

• Strategic finance – including our approach to the Spending Review.

• Operations – contract management, commercial advice, budget oversight.

• Policy development and delivery for lesbian, gay, and bisexual people, including delivery of the 75 point crossgovernment LGBT Action Plan.

• Policy development and delivery for transgender people.

• Policy development on intersex and non-binary people.


We'll assess you against these behaviours during the selection process:

  • Leadership
  • Communicating and Influencing
  • Making Effective Decisions
  • Changing and Improving