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Deputy Director Head of Policy and Resources

Thank you for your interest in the post of Head of Policy and Resources in Headquarters Director Special Forces (DSF) within the Ministry of Defence (MOD). This fast-paced, exciting and unique role is located in London and situated simultaneously within a busy MOD Directorate, an operational headquarters (HQ) and a Higher Level Budget (HLB) within UK Strategic Command.

The HQ is responsible for directing all aspects of current United Kingdom Special Forces (UKSF) activity and ensuring that UKSF and special operations continue to evolve to meet the challenges of a deteriorating international security environment. If successful, you will join the HQ at a definitive time as Defence transforms its approach to Special Operations. You would help lead a collaborative, supportive, closely integrated and high performing civilian and military team delivering the full range of Special Operations, and routinely work on some of the most novel, challenging and ambitious challenges anywhere in Defence

Job description

Working side-by-side with the military Deputy Director (Operations), Head Policy and Resources sits at the heart of HQ Director Special Forces (HQ DSF)and is responsible for the delivery of multiple Business outputs. They are responsible for the delivery of corporate outputs, leading on engagement with UK Strategic Command, the evolution of headquarters (HQ) structures and processes, and integrating change activity where tasked.

Head Policy and Resources is Director Special Forces’ senior policy and resources professional, leading, managing and inspiring a wide-range of staff within the HQ. Unusually, the HQ fulfils three roles:

• Directorate Special Forces - MOD policy directorate, responsible for shaping HMG’s defence and security policy for special operations;

• A High-Level Budget (HLB) holder, responsible for developing and delivering special operations capability and infrastructure and generating force elements at readiness;

• An operational HQ responsible for directing Defence’s most sensitive and ambitious operations around the world.

Head Policy and Resources will lead on corporate policy (focused on compliance, assurance and risk), resource planning, infrastructure and strategic workforce planning. They will be a key leader helping to promote and push forward a programme of Force Development and portfolio activity to modernise United Kingdom Special Forces (UKSF) and Special Operations for the 21st Century, providing advice to the Director on all connected aspects of the HQ’s business

Please see attached the candidate information pack for further details.


• Senior Civil Servant in HQ DSF, finance and corporate policy advisor to the Director on all UK Strategic Command facing issues.

• Provide oversight and guidance for operational policy issues in conjunction with the MOD Special Operations policy team.

• Provide oversight and guidance on UKSF Core and Operational expenditure. Ensure that finance is properly considered in all phases of planning and operational activity. Undertake effective scrutiny of business cases and secure UK Strategic Command approval where required.

• Corporate business and governance lead for the HLB and senior responsible officer (SRO) for HQ DSF workforce and infrastructure change programmes. Nested responsibilities include business planning (annual Command Plan, ABC process, Spending Reviews / SDSRs) and reporting (QPR); risk management & assurance; SHEP; security; business resilience and continuity. Supports the development of MAB’s future strategy and underpinning capability pathway.

• Lead on all UKSF Service and Civil Service workforce issues. Lead on UKSF Whitley Committee issues and on Trades Union consultations as required.

• Senior civil service leader within HQ DSF. Role model and champion to the civil service in the HQ and deployed on operations and exemplar to military staffs on the role and contribution of the civil service to operations and UKSF.

• Management responsibility for staff in the Comd support team, J1 Workforce Planning, J4 Infrastructure, J8 Finance, J9 Corporate Policy and Legal.
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