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Deputy Director of Strategy

We are setting up the Centre for Public Service Leadership and we’re building the team to help us do it. The goal is to drive forward the productivity of the UK by focussing on the effectiveness of the people who are about to become its senior leaders and their network.

There are three core parts to the work that the Centre will do - running a programme to develop the skills of senior leaders, building a larger nationwide network (which will include events and an online presence) and a research and evaluation arm.

The Head of Strategy will lead the operations, strategic presence and deputising for the Chief Executive.

This person will report to the Chief Executive and key responsibilities include:

Overseeing the three divisions:

Programme: running a programme which will develop the skills of senior leaders.

Network: building a larger nationwide network, which will include launching an online presence and developing networking events.

Research and evaluation: assessing our work and building data on the links between productivity and effective leadership.