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Deputy Director: Strategy, Innovation and Technology

This is a pivotal role at the heart of Civil Service HR, working across the Function and with all departments to define and facilitate the future direction of HR across the Civil Service.
This highly demanding role includes strong elements of delivery oversight and handling of a complex landscape of stakeholders both in and out of Government. The postholder will provide leadership across the HR Function to help navigate complex issues

The postholder’s principal areas of responsibility will be the HR Functional Strategy and Plan, the Civil Service HR Operating Model, HR technology roadmap, and workforce automation. They will also have ownership of strategic partnerships with external third party technology and consultancy partners. The postholder will complement this by working with the strategy and technology functions within the Government Shared Services function and the Government Finance Function, ensuring Civil Service HR aligns with wider shared services and corporate transformation work.

The postholder will hold a key influencing role at the centre of a highly complex stakeholder environment. Much of this role is about using ‘soft power’ with different suppliers to derive greater benefit for government, encourage competition and to avoid ‘lock-in’. Through best-practice research, working with suppliers and maintaining positive relationships with departments, the postholder will use these insights to go far beyond the development of strategy into directing and shaping HR activity across the Civil

The postholder will interface with all areas of HR policy and delivery, in addition to other Functions, such as Finance, DDaT, Security and Commercial, Government Shared Services and third parties. They will also need to conduct a significant degree of consultation to reach agreement on the HR function’s long-term vision and strategy, including how the function will be organised, what activity needs to be done and what enablers - in terms of technology and infrastructure - will be required.

The postholder will need to consider the impact of significant societal changes on the workforce and, through the strategy and future model, provide vital direction to the HR function’s capability and development plans in the short- and medium-term.

The post holder will:
Research, draft and launch a long-term strategy for the Civil Service HR Function up to 2025 and beyond, including the HR Operating Model, HR Service Delivery Model and HR technology roadmap.

Lead on the design input for the future functional funding model, ensuring it reflects and facilitates the Future Operating Model.

Develop and maintain the HR Functional Plan, HR Functional Standard and Global HR Design, holding departments and CSHR central teams to account for adhering to them.

Fulfil the HR Function’s responsibilities under the Government Shared Services Strategy.

Develop and maintain a cross-government network of Programme Directors, HR Directors and commercial leads to influence the direction, supply and spend of departments’ HR models and underpinning technology.

Lead the cross-government approach to the automation and workforce impact strands of SR19 to ensure effective and sustainable use of these functions across the workforce.

Manage strategic relationships with external top tier, global HR technology and consultancy companies on behalf of the Government and the Chief People Officer.

Provide strategic direction to Government Shared Services to ensure that HR priorities are reflected and realised through outsourcing contracts and shared platforms

Provide direction and assistance to the Deputy Director for Digital on the HR Function’s Strategic Architecture.

Provide direction to the HR Talent and Capability team to align professional development and talent management activity to the future resource profile and Function model.

Build Functional capability, specifically in areas of service design, technology implementation and related business change.

Provide clear communication of complex processes and strategic insight to the Strategy and Change Director, Chief People Officer and the Civil Service HR Management Team.

Report to the Chief Executive of the Civil Service, Heads of Functions, and departmental Chief Operating Officers, via the Government Shared Services Board and other governance boards.

Deploy the team’s resources effectively to emerging priorities, aligning to relevant priority work in other areas of Civil Service HR.


We'll assess you against these behaviours during the selection process:

  • Leadership
  • Communicating and Influencing
  • Seeing the Big Picture
  • Delivering at Pace