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Deputy Director, Technology and International Aviation and Deputy Director, Aviation Policy

The UK’s transport system is used by most of the population every day, whether travelling to and from work, school, shops, hospitals, or just meeting friends and family. Nearly all journeys use the local roads network. The international freight industry ensures that there are food and goods in the shops, and prompt delivery of parts and raw materials. Most of the transport industry is in the private sector: much of it is subject to safety or economic regulation, often under international agreement; some of it – especially public transport – is subsidised by the taxpayer.


Job description

Deputy Director, Technology and International Aviation

The Deputy Director will lead and motivate a team of c. 25 people responsible for maintaining the UK’s position as the third largest aviation network in the world. This includes overseeing our role in the UN Aviation Agency in Montreal, the UK’s approach to and shaping of the rules of the international aviation system, negotiation of aviation trade deals (known as Air Service Agreements), and shaping a new aviation relationship with Europe after Brexit. The role is also responsible for emerging aviation technologies, which are being grappled with around the world, including drones and commercial spacefllght.

You will be working in close partnership with the Director of Aviation (who also acts as the UK’s Director General of Civil Aviation), and will be a part of the senior management team for a directorate of over 200 staff. You will also work closely with the Secretary of State and Aviation Minister, their offices and Special Advisers.

You will also work closely with the Civil Aviation Authority, and have close working relationship with both the aviation industry (especially airports and airlines), and your counterparts in national aviation authorities around the world.

Deputy Director, Aviation Policy

Acting with a high degree of autonomy you will lead a large and diverse team with a deep knowledge of their subject areas.

As head of Aviation Policy Division you will personally lead on the relationship with national airports, airspace managers (primarily NATS) and work closely with the Civil Aviation Authority as co-sponsors of airspace modernisation. You will also lead the Department’s relationships with community and environmental groups and represent Government on relevant bodies. The postholder will be responsible for strategy and policy development as well as relationship management.

The postholder will need to be analytically strong with excellent political judgement and a clear understanding of risk management and the need to create the right incentives to ensure successful delivery across the wide range of responsibilities.

Please note the portfolio may change over time.


Deputy Director, Technology and International Aviation

•International Aviation policy and representation – overseeing the UK’s approach to shaping the rules of the international aviation system, ensuring the global industry is liberalized, safe and secure, including through the UN Aviation agency in Montreal, and through the European network

•Air Service Agreement negotiations – overseeing the programme of aviation trade negotiations, working with industry and improving the UK’s international connectivity

•A new aviation relationship with Europe – overseeing all planning for Brexit scenarios, including yellowhammer response (note much of the contingency planning is completed), and shaping a new future aviation relationship with Europe as part of the Brexit negotiations.

•Manage the UK’s Permanent Representative (Ambassador) at ICAO in Montreal, and the First Secretary Transport in the British Embassy in Washington DC.

•Drones policy – taking forward an ever growing strategy for the safe and responsible use of drones in the UK, ensuring we benefit from the economic opportunity, while also ensuring responsible use of drones. This includes delivery of a drones bill.

•Commercial spaceflight policy – overseeing a programme of secondary legislation to enable first space launch from UK in 2020s

•Aviation innovation policy – provide thought leadership in the implications of automation, electrification, and digitalisation for aviation in the 21st century.

Deputy Director, Aviation Policy

•Airspace modernisation- working closely with CAA as co-sponsors, NATS, airports and other stakeholders to ensure there is the right national policy framework to support industry to deliver. You will also need to ensure sufficient coordination and appropriate governance is in place, which includes working with the Infrastructure and Projects Authority to determine when this programme should join the Governments Major Projects Portfolio in the next 12 months.

•Framework for sustainable growth- through the aviation strategy you will be responsible for developing a new framework for sustainable growth, which involves setting long term strategy across a wide range of policy areas including planning, noise, air quality, carbon, resilience, slots and surface access.

•Noise policy- The postholder will lead engagement with those affected by noise, and as well as developing new policy through the aviation strategy and setting a new night noise regulatory regime for Heathrow, Gatwick and a Stansted. You will also lead the Department’s relationship with the recently established Independent Commission on Civil Aviation Noise.

•Slots and competition policy - you will lead a comprehensive review of the slots regime, to inform policy on the allocation of new slots at an expanded Heathrow. You will also be responsible for all aspects of competition policy.

•Stakeholder relationship management - leading Government’s relationships with airports, CAA, NATS, environmental and community bodies.

•Operational response- you will lead Governments response to incidents at airports such as weather, air traffic control or drones related issues.

Please see attached candidate information pack for further information