Deputy Director, Technology and Security Strategy Division

This is an exciting new role with responsibility for leading an ambitious programme of work to strengthen the UK’s lead on the technologies with the greatest potential to transform our economy.

Working in close partnership with OGDs, you will lead for BEIS on work to identify the technologies with greatest potential, build deep expertise and connections with the researchers, businesses and investors active in this space, and develop strategies for cultivating these technologies in the UK. BEIS already leads a growing programme on quantum and robotics and you will further develop this, implementing our SR settlement.

Many of these advanced technologies can also benefit the nation’s security and so understanding these security implications and how this should shape our strategy is critical. You will lead for the wider Industrial Strategy, Science and Innovation Group on making sure we have a clear picture of national security issues, and a strategic approach to engaging with them. By building a single hub of deep technology and security expertise, and working closely with the BEIS international team, you will boost the overall capability of the Group to engage credibly on these matters and ensure we deploy our policy and investment levers in a joined-up manner. Your team will have responsibility to advise on national security investment cases in the areas of technology on which you specialise, playing a crucial role to support the Director and DG.

Job description

Your division will also lead on shaping the wider business environment to support the growth of technology-focused businesses, working closely with the DD responsible for SME policy, and with the Digital Directorate in DCMS. You will lead for the department on engagement with tech stakeholders and on our input to set piece events like London Tech Week.

The division is currently split into three Grade 6-led branches but the post holder will play a big role in shaping and developing the division as this programme grows:

Technology Strategy – Drawing on evidence and input from across BEIS and partners on both economic and security implications, identify the tech pipeline BEIS should prioritise, shape the wider environment for tech growth in general, joining up with DCMS and rest of BEIS, particularly the R&D team.

Emerging Technology Programmes - Lead on key emerging techs, developing deep expertise and connections into those communities/businesses, developing and delivering a strategy for growth in these techs, advising on NSI cases in these techs.

ISSI Group Security Hub – Developing and running a new centre of expertise for the Group, ensuring our security work on technology, trusted research, international science and research, and the wider industrial strategy are complementary. Working closely with the BEIS investment security team and BEIS international team, and providing expert security support on ISSI case work. Managing BEIS interests in key technology investment programmes.

• In partnership with Go Science, UKRI, DCMS, DIT, HMT and other members of the Emerging Technology Board convened by Cabinet Office, develop and manage a pipeline of key emerging technologies that we wish to focus on in the UK, to support both economic prosperity and security.

• Develop excellent connections with researchers, businesses and investors active in these technologies and cultivating a team of trusted experts with knowledge of what is happening on the ground. Drawing on this market monitoring expertise to advise on national security casework and investment matters.

• Creating and delivering on strategies to grow these technologies, working actively with other departments, the rest of BEIS (the R&D in particular) and its partner organisations to ensure all domestic and international levers are aligned.

• Be an advocate for future technologies and tech businesses across BEIS and in Government, proactively influencing policies and engagement to create an environment in which they can thrive.

• Build strong, trusting relationships with national security stakeholders, maintain an overview of the national security landscape and understand the security challenges associated with technologies. Be a credible lead for BEIS on these issues at senior levels, including deputising for the Director and advising the DG.

• Creating and running a hub for security matters within ISSI Group, to ensure consistency of industrial strategy, and wider science and research agenda with national and economic security objectives; and supporting an increase in security capability in the Group.


• Ability to understand and shape a vast and complex agenda, to navigate the tensions between economic prosperity and security, and to communicate your vision with clarity and credibility.

• Strong leader with experience of motivating and developing diverse teams.

• Skilled collaborator adept at building productive relationships with and influencing senior colleagues across Whitehall, ministers and No10.

• Highly credible with businesses, researchers, investors and technology leaders, with the ability to confidently engage in both deeply technical and strategic conversations.

• Experience of working on security matters, established networks with the security community is desirable.

• DV clearance is essential for this role. If you do not already have DV clearance, rapidly obtaining it will be essential.

Please take time to read the attached Candidate Pack for further information about this role and the recruitment process.

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