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Deputy Director Transport Security Operations Centre

Our transport system touches the lives of everyone in this country: it reunites families; takes millions of people to work every day; and keeps fresh food on the shelves of our supermarkets. Directly and indirectly, transport is the lynchpin of how we go about our lives – and it is never out of the spotlight. The Department for Transport plays a vital role in the delivery of the day to day rail, road and aviation services we rely on.

Job description

This is an exciting, high profile leadership role within the Transport Security, Resilience and Response Directorate in the Department for Transport. The role would suit someone who is resilient, likes change and working under time pressure, and who is able to grasp complex and dynamic issues quickly to understand what really matters from a transport perspective.

The successful candidate will be the ‘face’ of DfT’s incident management, needing to be calm under pressure and able to lead the team and wider Department to prepare for and adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. We are not always in crisis mode, and much of this role is about making sure the Department is prepared for exceptional events and improving our capability and service delivery while keeping up the momentum of our business as usual work. This includes training and planning for both “rising tide” and no-notice events such as terror attacks, industrial action, severe weather events and insolvencies.


• Leading teams who manage the handling of sensitive information, respond to incidents as they arise and who ensure the department has a resilient approach to such events

• Leading the co-ordination of the Department’s response to major transport incidents with significant cross-modal, cross-sector and/or widespread geographic impacts and high reputational risk exposure

• Working across DfT and wider government to ensure effective contingency plans are in place for high impact events and embedding a more agile response doctrine across the DfT

• Providing expert advice and support on Whitehall crisis machinery to DfT colleagues managing single-mode transport security incidents

• Working with colleagues across Whitehall to identify rising tide incidents that could affect transport, and developing proportionate contingency plans

• Briefing Ministers and senior officials both during responses and in ‘peace time’

• Supporting, accompanying and representing Ministers at COBR and other crisis response fora when a cross-departmental view is needed; decision making in fast-paced responses

• Representing the Department at senior official level crisis response meetings

• Intelligently deploying TSOC resources to deliver core response and intelligence functions, enabling policy and corporate experts to focus on the highest- value activities

• Lead the improvement of the Department’s response capability, infrastructure and ways of working for both operational response, intelligence liaison and risk analysis

• Some deputising duties for Director TSRR (including Dir/DG level meetings); active leadership on wider corporate issues

• Developing DfT’s reputation as a leading department on issues of National Security and response to civil disruption

• Actively role-modelling and supporting flexible working and an inclusive working environment
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