DevOps Engineer


Bristol, Manchester

About the job


We are looking for a talented and experienced DevOps Engineer to iterate, maintain and support digital services that are used across the Civil Service. As a DevOps Engineer you will ensure the ongoing performance, reliability and monitoring of the Civil Service HR’s digital services. You will be responsible for ensuring that high-quality and robust operational infrastructure is in place to support our live services and continuous development cycle.

This position offers a chance to play a key role in Government’s Digital by Default transformation and be part of a “Brilliant Civil Service”. This is an exciting role working on improving learning services provided across government as part of Civil Service HR’s Digital and Analysis team.

As a DevOps Engineer, you will be responsible for supporting, maintaining and continuously improving one of our learning and recruitment products. You’ll ensure that releases reach the live website through a robust development and release process. You’ll ensure efficient and effective version control is in place and that non-production and production environments are supported. You’ll thrive using agile methods and enjoy working openly, collaboratively and as part of a multidisciplinary team focused on one or more projects. Above all, you’ll want to make the government better, which may sometimes involve challenging the status quo.

What are we offering?

This is an exciting opportunity to join a fastpaced, dedicated team working across Government to deliver excellent digital services. As an experienced DevOps Engineer, you will be integral to the delivery and realisation of CSHR’s strategic commitments.

You will make informed technology decisions, champion security and compliance best practice and effectively work with the Associate Product Manager, Delivery Manager and the Service Manager to release and deploy the developments outlined in the product roadmap. You will have an excellent understanding of DevOps, tooling and security standards and will be able to advise colleagues regarding these when needed.

You will have an excellent understanding of agile and digital technology and proven experience of supporting and maintaining high availability, high traffic services. You will have an excellent understanding of continuous improvement and work with the team to ensure that the product achieves the service levels and delivers the benefits expected of it by users and the business. You will be essential to ensuring that CSHR’s digital platforms are robust and performant, providing advice regarding new patches, security threats and emergent technologies.

Job description

What are my responsibilities?

As a DevOps Engineer, you will:

• Collaborate closely with colleagues in order to meet users’ needs.

• Debug a complex, multi-server service in a high-volume, high-availability website.

• Carry out application deployment strategies, continuous integration and version control.

• Oversee automated testing and management of automated test scripts.

• Investigate and troubleshoot issues and incidents.

• Rollout manual security patching and have oversight of automated patching.

• Maintain and support toolkits and APIs for purposes such as integration, performance optimisation, security and scalability.

• Build automated tests to support our continuous deployment environment.

• Share knowledge of tools and techniques with your wider team.

• Act as a digital ambassador across government, identifying good practices to adopt and sharing experiences, e.g. through blog posts, tech talks at conferences etc.

• Participate in our in-house 2nd line and 3rd-line support, and potentially any outof-hours issue and incident resolution.

• Be involved in helping recruiting technical roles and, where appropriate, helping sift and interview for other roles.


Essential Criteria:

• Have experience of administering cloud providers such as AWS, GCE, Azure.

• Excellent knowledge of administering common open source databases like MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Cosmos DB.

• Have used configuration management tools such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Salt.

• Are familiar with network protocols – TCP/IP, HTTP, TLS.

• Understand and can effectively implement application deployment strategies, continuous integration and version control

• Are comfortable with automated testing and maintaining and running test scripts

• Understand software design principles

• Understand the GDS service standard

• Are able to quickly research and learn new tools and techniques

• Will take a systematic approach to solving problems.

• Have experience of using testing to validate solutions.

• Understanding of agile environments.

• Understand and implement web security best practices.

• Have an excellent knowledge of technologies used for web applications, e.g. databases, backups, CDNs and search, and of Unix-like operating systems, e.g. Linux and/or Mac OS

• Have experience of working on, or with web technologies

Have knowledge of the following:

• Docker, Docker-Compose
• Containers/images
• Intelli-J
• ORM, N-Hibernate
• Postman
• ElasticSearch
• Java 8, including the Spring framework,
• TypeScript and JavaScript,
• Node.js express or another JavaScript framework
• Svelte, Nunjunks or another templating framework
• Terraform
• Jenkins

Desirable Criteria:

The successful candidate may also have knowledge/experience of the following:

• Git or another version control system

• Npm

• Knowledge or operating, or building a Platform as a Service (PaaS)

• Working with open source projects

• Working with Public Key Infrastructure

• Using containers, distributed schedulers, and minimalist operating systems

• Producing tooling for other teams to independently build and debug their own services

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