Director, Joint Maritime Security Centre

The JMSC Director is a strategically critical role that is responsible for fusing capability from a range of public bodies to deliver a coherent and coordinated response to maritime security threats. The role has become available following the departure of the incumbent post holder and a new appointment is sought with minimal delay, to ensure peak capability ahead of the end of the EU-exit Transition Period. This will be a critical period for UK maritime security operations, in which the JMSC will play a central part.

UK maritime assets (vessels and aircraft) are owned and operated by a number of public bodies including the Royal Navy, UK Border Force and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. The fundamental role of the Director is to combine individual contributions into a united response to live and developing maritime security threats. As such, the Director must be a strong visionary leader who encourages proactive support from individual contributing organisations and stakeholders. The Director must have a full understanding of the assets operated by each government body, including their capabilities, deployment, and tasking. Additionally, they must effectively liaise between departments to ensure the most efficient use of those assets, and identify opportunities for improved cross government working. This includes identifying other government assets or novel solutions that may support maritime deployments, and being fully aware of their capabilities and availability. The Director also needs to be an effective Whitehall operator and advocate, with a good grasp of the various strategies to which JMSC business contributes, such the National Strategy for Maritime Security, Maritime 2050, serious and organised crime, Borders enforcement, countering terrorism.

This is a demanding role, which will afford the successful applicant the opportunity to make a real impact in a domain critical to the future security and prosperity of the UK.

Job description

The Director will be responsible for developing a strategic catalogue and framework of capability and deployment of UK maritime assets and expertise, and will work to influence and shape the government’s long term maritime security strategy. This will require careful negotiation with the relevant asset owners to broker terms and conditions under which assets may be made available for JMSC supported operations. These may be within the framework of a MACA if necessary.

Working with partners, the Director will own the wider Maritime Domain Awareness picture to ensure that operations are intelligence and/or information led. Specifically, the Director will ensure that JMSC partner agencies are sufficiently supported to identify, prioritise, agree, and plan operations with a view to maintaining security, safety and rule of law in the UK EEZ. The Director will develop strong working relationships with asset operators to facilitate timely interventions in, or monitoring of, evolving incidents or situations. There are a number of organisations with a vested interest in maritime security and the Director will be responsible for balancing priorities between competing search and rescue, maritime, military and security organisations.

The Director will liaise with international partners with a view to providing mutual assistance in maintaining the rule of law as set out in international legislation and any relevant bilateral agreements, and also for sharing best practice.

The Director will continue to build and further develop the JMSC’s capabilities, by refining the systems, structures and governance that enables the JMSC to be a sustainable and valuable contribution to maritime security. As a relatively new organisation, the Director will be expected to manage transformational change in order to successfully deliver complex outputs to meet Ministerial and stakeholder requirements. The Director will lead a review mechanism for all JMSC activities and ensure that lessons learned are disseminated and fed into future planning, as appropriate. To build resilience, the Director will enable the JMSC to identify, plan, arrange, coordinate and assure cross-government training exercises. These exercises should cover the full range of maritime security operations supported by the JMSC.

The Director will ensure that JMSC objectives are delivered in the most cost-effective way and that expenditure is managed to remain within budget limits.

The Director will be accountable to the JMSC Joint Governance Board (JGB) on a routine basis for the JMSC’s strategy, spending, and operations. The JGB consists of senior maritime security stakeholders. The Director will also attend the National Maritime Security Committee (Officials) and report on JMSC activities for the associated Working Groups and on the outcomes of the JGB.

The Director will be directly responsible and accountable for the Governance of the JMSC, as well as directly accountable for the funding and accounts, and information and technology required by the JMSC. The Director will also work proactively to identify future needs and priorities to help inform future policy and investment decisions from a whole-of-Government perspective.

The Director will have a good knowledge of practical operations at sea, and government maritime policy including security, and the national and international legal framework relating to maritime activity. This includes transport regulations, UNCLOS, SOLAS and EU legislation. The Director will also have a good knowledge of law enforcement operations in the maritime domain.


Essential criteria:

The ideal candidate will need to demonstrate their capability and potential against the following criteria:

• Evidence of being a strong, visionary leader with experience of managing the demands from individual contributing organisations and stakeholders, and influencing and persuading a course of action to those that may be resistant to change. This should include evidence of being an effective influencer across Government.

• Experience of leading successful project delivery at Departmental level, and taking responsibility for delivering timely and quality results with focus and drive. This should include managing data and intelligence from a variety of source, and affectively coordinating people and assets to deliver against objectives.

• Evidence of successfully managing and delivering transformational change in an organisation, against challenging stakeholder expectations, and including intellectual leadership of strategic direction-setting.

• Experience of working in law enforcement, military operations, or similar services in the maritime domain, with a knowledge of the applicable international and national legislation and proven experience of leading crisis response activities. This should include a practical knowledge of the Government assets available in this area, their capabilities and limitations.

• Evidence of building highly effective teams that are inclusive, diverse teams that are suitably empowered to deliver.

• Evidence of managing a significant budget from multiple stakeholders, delivering objectives in the most cost-effective way, and effectively reporting and justifying expenditure.

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