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Finance Director

The Finance Director (Navy) is the most senior civil servant working with the Royal Navy covering a variety of functions and responsibilities, and provides a unique leadership opportunity within the Ministry of Defence.  You will be a key member of the leadership team and Executive member of the Navy Board and Admiralty Board and provide a critical link between the Royal Navy, the Ministry of Defence and the wider leadership team in the finance community both in the Ministry and across Whitehall.


Navy Command (NC) is an organisation of c.29,000 people, with a budget of c.£6.2Bn per annum, covering operating and support costs, estates and an extensive capitalisation Programme. Its prime role is the delivery of Defence Outputs assigned to the Royal Navy.

As the Senior Finance Officer for NC, you will be personally responsible for the Command’s financial management policies and processes, governance, audit and assurance. You will have personal delegated authority over financial investment decisions and propriety issues and provide professional leadership of the finance function within the Command. The successful applicant will also provide professional challenge and decision support on financial management, investment and efficiency matters.


As the lead civil servant within the Command, you will be the lead for the Policy Secretariat and execution of the Department of State functions delegated to the Command, supporting Ministers and public and Parliamentary access to information.


The nature of what we do requires inclusive, and at times, transformational leadership, dedication, resilience and a determination to see through change and innovation. We welcome applications from a range of industries in addition to defence.


Closing date: Sunday 21st October 2018