Fish Health Inspector

The Fish Health Inspectorate’s mission is to support a healthy, sustainable aquaculture industry and to safeguard the health of wild fish stocks, through regulation and scientific advice backed by high quality research. The Inspectorate contributes towards the Scottish Government National Outcome: ‘We value and enjoy our built and natural environment and protect and enhance it for future generations’.

To perform as a Fish Health Inspector, working to prevent the introduction and control the spread of listed diseases within aquatic animals in Scotland.

The role also involves significant technical and administrative work in support of the regulatory functions of the group. Further, the post involves a considerable amount of travelling, mainly driving, to remote areas of the country.

Job description

To be responsible for the completion of discrete areas of work which may advise Scottish Government policy; assist the Scottish Government to achieve its delivery requirements;
• Deliver in whole or in part against the Inspectorate’s SLA targets or other essential work packages providing reasoned and evidenced scientific advice to achieve these goals. This role will include the collection, analysis and presentation of information to a range of audiences.

• To carry out statutory and non-statutory sampling, inspection and investigative inspection visits at fish and shellfish farms to enable the inspectorate to achieve the targets as laid out in the schedule of services and to ensure that the requirements of the relevant legislation is met.

• Produce accurate written reports on all completed cases within the timescales laid down in the Fish Health Inspectorate Service Charter.

• To deliver information in response to requests made under the terms of the Freedom of Information and Environmental Information regulatory regime.

• Perform as duty inspector and on call inspector in accordance with the rotas set within the inspectorate.

• Complete a post graduate qualification in aquaculture and aquatic animal health, if one has not already been completed.


You will be asked to provide evidence of how you meet these criteria in your application.
Essential criteria 1 : Relevant experience to undertake the role of a Fish Health Inspector including fish health, administration and computer literacy.
Essential criteria 2 : A good working knowledge of the role of the Fish Health Inspectorate and of fish diseases and aquaculture, as practiced in Scotland, nationally and internationally.
Essential criteria 3 : Good working knowledge of the current fish health legislation.
Essential criteria 4 : Evidence of effective oral and written communication within a team.


• Learning and development tailored to your role
•An environment with flexible working options
• A culture encouraging inclusion and diversity
• A Civil Service pension

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