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G5 Prevent Officer - Cyber

Location : London, Warrington


The Prevent team contribute towards the collection of strategic and tactical intelligence to identify potential offenders early and deter/divert them away from a criminal career and towards more legitimate use of their skills and abilities. They are tasked with investigations at the national and international level, engaging with the NCA, Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCUs), including overseas Law Enforcement and UK intelligence partners.

Job description

We are currently looking to recruit a Prevent Officer at either the NCA London or Warrington office. The role will include the development, implementation and evaluation of techniques designed to prevent cyber criminality. This may take the form of conducting operational activity online or offline in order to achieve this.

The role is stationed within the NCCU Capability and Technology. The post holder will form part of a team of Prevent officers. The role will involve engaging and working collaboratively with the Prevent Network and other strategic partners in delivering the strategic objectives of the National Cyber Prevent Strategy and the relevant government and policing frameworks.


  • Assess intelligence and multi-source information in order to identify and report thematic / criminal pathway trends.
  • Assist in identifying intervention points and preventing individuals from engaging in cyber crime.
  • Engage with ROCUs to implement interventions and diversions designed by the NCCU Prevent team.
  • Promote and ensure delivery against set and agreed Prevent objectives.
  • Conduct intelligence systems checks as part of the national cyber Prevent de-confliction process.
  • The successful candidate will work within an outward facing team, therefore must have the ability to speak confidently about Cyber related issues to external partner

Please Note:
All NCA officers must hold SC Enhanced upon entry as a minimum. Failure to achieve SC Enhanced will result in the job offer being withdrawn. Individuals will be required to undertake and pass a substance misuse test as part of pre-employment checks.

Some NCA roles require officers to obtain DV Enhanced within 12 months of entry. If DV Enhanced cannot be obtained the officer will be required to move to a non-DV role.

NCA welcomes applications from individuals with a range of Neurodivergent thinking styles and from those who may require reasonable adjustments.

***All NCA officers must hold SC Enhanced upon entry as a minimum. To meet the National Security Vetting requirements for this role you will need to have resided in the UK for a minimum of 3 out of the past 5 years. For more information please see the Candidate information Pack***


We'll assess you against these behaviours during the selection process:

  • Making Effective Decisions
  • Working Together

Technical skills

We'll assess you against these technical skills during the selection process:

  • Good understanding of investigation methods and prevention techniques and opportunities.
  • Creative thinking.
  • Good understanding of the current cyber landscape and its impact on the UK.
  • Comprehensive understanding of UK cyber crime legislation and current threats.