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Head of Digital Delivery

About Digital

In order to deliver our vision we need to be a flexible, innovative and collaborative department that connects with industry, business, research and development communities, consumers and all the other parts of the UK economy. We need to make evidence based policy decisions driven by coherent, exploitable and shared data. We need to connect with our customers, partners and other stakeholders in a business like way – embracing the full potential of the digital era. And we need to use the best modern technology to maximise our own productivity

This is underpinned by 4 strategic enablers:

1. People, skills and culture: a culture where Digital is embraced, understood and valued.

2. Partner, enable, assure: provide the tools, processes and support to empower teams to deliver quality services which meet government standards and user needs.

3. Service delivery: the design, build and delivery of services is agile - providing value for money through reuse of data and components and delivering services more quickly and effectively.

4. Continuous improvement: the ambition to continually improve is instilled in everything that we do. We seek feedback from our users and the data we capture to understand user behaviour to improve services and inform future service developments.

So we need a strong Digital, Data and Technology function that provides excellent services to the Department, enabling collaboration with our colleagues to deliver exceptional services for the consumers and businesses we serve. We currently have circa 120 posts in the team, with an annual budget allocation of circa £20m. There is an interim organisational structure in place pending the approval of a strategy that you will have the opportunity to shape and then deliver.

The Department has rolled out a G-cloud technology platform with a resilient infrastructure to provide the latest software to staff. We have only just begun to consider how we might exploit the opportunities presented by the latest technology. Therefore, we need a strong and experienced team to help both the Department and the function understand the possibilities and potential of the digital era and play a key role in the transformation of both the way we work and the services we deliver.

For further information please follow this link to view the BEIS Digital recruitment film:  

About the Role

This is a great opportunity to operate at the heart of BEIS' exciting and fast-moving digital change agenda. Our approach puts user needs at the heart of digital development.

The Head of Digital Delivery is a new leadership role for BEIS. Reporting to a Deputy Director, you will be accountable for the strategic planning and end-to-end agile delivery and roadmap, leading a major product area through all phases of an ongoing development lifecycle

Your development is important and we offer a comprehensive learning commitment through the cross government Digital, Data and Technology profession. Come and join our strong User Research community and play a significant role in BEIS and government.

About the team

BEIS has recently concluded a major programme of work to change the way we provide technology services. We have moved to a cloud model, which gives us flexibility and bandwidth to be brave in the services we offer to our colleagues. To continue the growth of the organisation we are seeking a candidate to build, lead and drive both our Digital and Data offerings to colleagues and businesses.

Key Objectives

● The ability to manage complex products and services that are being discovered, defined and delivered by multiple teams, which may have high technical and/or political risk

● Experience of leading, and continually improving, the development, release and provision of service of digital products using proficiency in scaled lean/agile management methods and techniques

● Familiarity with setting, monitoring, managing and reporting costs, budgets, plans, forecasts, progress, risks, benefits and KPIs

● A track record of understanding, managing and communicating between complex stakeholder groups, using influence and awareness to balance key priorities. An ability to appropriately communicate and advocate both direction and change

● The ability to drive delivery momentum and to solve issues and unblock problems - setting sustainable pace whilst ensuring teams are working towards delivery commitments

● A thorough understanding of the variety of disciplines involved in digital delivery, including engineering, service design, product management, performance analysis and user research developed through working in multi-disciplinary teams

● Experience of commercial, supplier and dependency management. Ensuring commercial contracts and suppliers are held to account for their timeliness, value and quality

● An ability to form, collaborate with and lead senior team to deliver a high level strategy, coupled with an ability to get involved in the details of key team challenges as needed

● An open and sharing attitude. An ability to contribute authoritative expertise to, or lead, agile sessions or conferences inside and outside government

● The ability to be comfortable with uncertainty, accountability and with being the escalation point for internal and external issues

● Motivation to influence and make positive changes to the organisation.

Person Specification

The successful candidate will:

● Be proactive, plan ahead and identify key issues ensuring they are given attention at the earliest opportunity.

● An understanding of new and emerging digital technologies and the opportunities they provide to improve the delivery of public services in the UK.

● A self-starter and willingness to learn.

● Not afraid to fail, but ensuring that lessons are learnt and adaptive to new technology.

● Have the ability to work effectively under pressure, sometimes to tight deadlines and make quick and effective decisions regarding problem solving and prioritisation.

● Be a team player, willing to pick up a range of different tasks and deliver work on behalf of the team.

● Experience in securing funding for agile delivery through business cases or through delivering pitches to government or elsewhere.

● Experience of change management, aligning organisations and culture to strategic change.

● Knows about GOV.UK and the Government Digital Service, and the service standard.

Please take time to read the attached Candidate pack for further information about this role and the recruitment process.