Head of Resources and Policy, Headquarters Joint Force Development

The role of Head of Resource and Policy, which includes Senior Finance Officer and Workforce Advisor responsibilities and also has Board-level lead for the operation of Governance and Assurance across all areas of Joint Force Development, is a critical post and through strong leadership, robust financial management and effective strategic workforce planning, the role ensures that Joint Force Development is suitably positioned to deliver outcomes against the priorities set by Defence.


Job description

Head of Resources & Policy is a key Joint Force Development Board-level role whose purpose includes:

Joint Force Development Senior Finance Officer (SFO) responsible for financial planning & the effective management of an operating budget of £180M pa, delivering an ambitious multi-year efficiency strategy through restructuring and by enhancing supply chain value.

Joint Force Development Workforce Advisor (total workforce: c1100 Military & Civil Service personnel), with responsibility for strategic workforce planning and delivery to meet changing demands for Defence Education and development of the Future Force.

Ensuring operational delivery including Business Planning; management of corporate risk & performance; all aspects of corporate governance & assurance (including individual training assurance across UK Strategic Command), and Business Resilience & Health & Safety.

Responsible for Joint Force Development’s corporate Headquarters with a highly motivated team of 60 staff (civilian, military and contract staff). In the last cross-Departmental People Survey, the Headquarters Staff Engagement Score was 74%, scoring more strongly than high performing units in most areas.

Provide professional and pastoral care to c60 personnel in Headquarters Joint Force Development, including by means of mentoring, appraisal and report writing.

Maintain and enhance the position of Joint Force Development by delivering an intellectual edge.
Deliver agreed outputs and targets as effectively, efficiently and economically as possible, while remaining within delegated resource control targets and exploiting opportunities.

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• Lead effective financial operation across Joint Force Development, including significant reduction in operating costs.

• Deliver an effective approach to whole workforce delivery as Joint Force Development workforce advisor and the head of the corporate Headquarters

• Deliver Joint Force Development Business Priorities, managing robust processes for planning and enactment

• Maintain high corporate standards, ensuring confidence in Joint Force Development's effectiveness, safety and propriety.

• Enact Defence International Engagement strategy & policy within Joint Force Development, defining HLB objectives & delivering Headquarters Joint Force Development activity

• Provide a corporate leadership contribution to Defence and Promote wider HM Government objectives.

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• Learning and development tailored to your role
• An environment with flexible working options
• A culture encouraging inclusion and diversity
• A Civil Service pension

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