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International Passenger Survey Interviewer Manchester


Main site Manchester Airport
Residual Site Liverpool John Lennon Airport

About the job

Job description

Did you know?

Did you know that over 39 million visitors came to the UK in 2017?
• Did you know that travel from and to the UK has grown substantially over the past 40 years? Since 1980, visits abroad by UK residents have more than quadrupled from 17.5 million to 72.8 million in 2017. Visits to the UK by overseas residents in the same time have grown from 12.4 million to 39.2 million.
• Did you know that London is the most popular UK destination, with nearly 20 million visits in 2017 including at least one night in the city? The next most visited city is Edinburgh, followed by Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool.
• Did you know that visitors to the UK spent an average of £86 per day during their visit? By comparison, UK residents travelling abroad spent an average of £60 per day.

These facts have been extracted from the International Passenger Survey (IPS). This survey collects information from three quarter of a million passengers that pass through a UK airport, sea port or Eurostar terminal each day. The data is widely used both within government and within the tourism industry to measure travel expenditure and its impact on the UK economy. It is also used to estimate details of migrants into and out of the UK and to provide information about international tourism and how it has changed over time.

About the job

As an IPS Interviewer, you will work as part of a small team using your friendly interpersonal skills to persuade a wide range of people to participate in this important interview. Some people take more persuading than others to take part. Therefore you will need an adaptable interviewing style. Once the information has been gathered, you will enter it on to a tablet.

As the statistics are required daily, a key requirement of this role is that you have the flexibility to work allocated shifts on any day of the week. Shifts operate on a rota basis covering 7 days a week. Shift lengths are normally 6 to 8.5 hours, plus you are required to be at the workstation for 15 minutes before and after a shift time.

You will be based at Manchester Airport and this will be considered your normal place of work.

As is normal with the IPS Interviewer positions, any contract awarded will include the requirement to work weekends when necessary.

You will work at a main ‘base’ site. Some base sites have secondary sites (also known as residual sites) attached to them. If residual sites are applicable to this vacancy, it will be detailed above. You should be aware that with residual sites some travel may be necessary, and sometimes this may include an overnight stay.

You will be provided with a free uniform and (where required) a free car parking pass.

Essential Requirements

• We will not be able to proceed with your application if you have had more than 4 jobs in the last 5 years. This is the ONS recruitment policy for IPS Interviewer posts only and exists as an objective business requirement because of the stringent rules imposed on recruiters by the referencing requirements of UK Airport and Port Authorities. This policy is applicable to everybody who applies for an IPS interviewer post with ONS.
• At home, you must have a wireless broadband connection as you will be provided with a tablet to access your work emails.
• You will need to be proficient in the use of a tablet or smartphone, as you will be issued with a tablet to use in your work.
• Flexibility in when you can work is a requirement of our business. Therefore, if you have any regular set commitments, on any day of the week, this will preclude you from applying. Work can be allocated on any day of the week (Monday to Sunday). There is no set shift pattern. IPS Interviewer shifts are not fixed – they rotate randomly over different days. Every effort is made to allocate shifts at least 6 weeks in advance.
• If your application is successful, you will need to apply for a Basic Disclosure Criminal Record Certificate (fee refundable). In addition, you will be subject to a comprehensive 5 year reference check. To fulfil the requirements of the relevant Airport/Port ID Security Unit, you must pass this in order to commence employment (this can take several weeks to obtain).
• At some sites you will be required to walk some distance to reach your place of work and, whilst on duty, you will be required to stand for long periods and occasionally climb stairs, You will also need the ability to move freely through congested areas.

Hours and Pay

The contract on offer is for an Annualised Hours contract of 1248 hours per annum. An Annualised Hours Contract states the agreed number of guaranteed hours the employee is contracted to work over a 12 month period. This is different from a standard weekly contract e.g. 38, 40 or 48 hour week – each week, every week. An Annualised Hours Contract allows the organisation to increase or reduce, in advance, the required number of hours to be worked at a given time. This is to match the needs of the business.

Your salary is paid monthly. The full-time equivalent (37 hours per week/1924 hours per annum) starting salary rate is £18,795.

The actual salary is paid pro-rata; for this job it is approximately:

1248 hours = £12,191 per annum

For a full Job Description and important information about the requirements for this post, please download and read the attached Candidate Information Pack.

Further Information

Applicants applying for more than one vacancy as a Field Interviewer please note that if you are selected to be interviewed you will only be interviewed once.
If you are successful you will be offered your preferred area wherever possible.

For those successful candidates joining ONS we will record and retain your nationality information on our human resources management system for the sole purpose of understanding the nationality diversity within ONS. We will not report on this on an individual basis in a way that would identify you. We will retain this information for the shortest time needed. Should you wish for us not to collect and retain this information, please email:


Successful candidates invited to interview will be asked questions that involve you demonstrating your communication and influencing skills. The panel will be assessing behaviors within communication and influencing. The essential requirements are:

Communicate purpose and direction with clarity, integrity and enthusiasm.
Respect the needs, responses and opinions of others.