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Kataholos 10 Week Health and Well-being Course

About the course


At Thirsty Scholars Academy we believe you cannot truly grow or be happy without taking care of yourself. We have teamed up with Michael Quigley, who is a coach and mindset specialist, to produce a 10 week Wholistic (yes with a ‘W”), Health and Well-being online course, which will help all learners transcend limitations in the 5 areas of body, mind, spirit, digital and emotions. By progressing and becoming healthier in these 5 essential areas, your life in 2018 will truly be something special. This programme provides the platform for sustainable change and reinforcement of new habits, it is not a quick fix scheme but it is something to work on and build. Focusing on all areas and not just fitness or mindfulness gives us well-rounded improvement and development.


The Instructor


Michael Quigley B. A. Hons 1st Class, M.A., PGCE is a former primary school teacher, with extensive experience of teaching, coaching, leading and team membership coupled with a life-long passion for and interest in fitness, well being and personal fulfilment. he is also a published author currently working on his third book.

"He inspires disaffected learners to take risks, develop resilience and believe they can achieve."- Hilary, Head of Early Years. St. Mary's Catholic primary School.

"Michael spared no effort in creating meaningful learning experiences.. he is a great communicator, who we can't wait to book in again!"- Matthew, Deputy Headteacher, Holy Family Primary School.

"Michael is professional, exciting and provided a real toolkit for positive action."- Angela, UCLan Burnley Enhancement Manager: University Programmes.




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