NCSC Cyber Security Influencer

NCSC want to grow the next generation of cyber security influencers. We’re looking for people from all sorts of backgrounds who approach problems in all sorts of ways are passionate about the online world of technology and security, and who are dedicated to using it in order to achieve real world results.

As a cyber security influencer, you’ll take responsibility, usually as part of a team, for cyber security challenges, from experimenting and understanding how new technologies work, evaluating their immediate implications and vulnerabilities and working with our partners to effect real change. You’ll be writing research papers and guidance, a consummate communicator, you’ll expertly share your knowledge and insights with government and businesses and help to shape their cyber security profile whilst responding to new technical challenges.

We care hugely about learning and development, so we’ll help you enhance and refine your technical skills and offer you all the training and support you need to begin your career.


Job description

To support NCSC’s mission in Manchester, we’re looking to recruit individuals who can contribute to a step change in the UK’s cyber security capability. You’ll be on the front line of the nations cyber security. We want people who are creative problem solvers, have an appetite for learning more and have a passion for technology, people who are willing to work as part of a team and get stuck into helping keep cyber space in the UK safe.

Your role will include:

• As part of a team, you’ll take responsibility for cyber security challenges, working with others to effect real change.

• Applying your skills you’ll learn to experiment and understand how technologies work.

• Evaluating the immediate implications and vulnerabilities, you’ll write research papers and guidance.

• Expertly share your knowledge with others to help shape government and businesses cyber security profile.

• Work with partners to effect real change.


You should have:

As part of the selection process, you’ll be expected to demonstrate that you have an aptitude to develop a technical understanding of cyber security and be able to demonstrate a combination of business skills e.g.

• Working with others and effective communication
Builds strong relationships with others, demonstrating confident communication skills and works well as part of a team.

• Intrigue, creativity and analytical thinking
Is a logical thinker, but also curious and open-minded. Adapts and flexes approach, as required, to solve problems and relishes the opportunity to take on
new challenges and do things differently.

• Detail focus
Spots things others would miss. Remembers important details and ensures tasks are completed carefully and accurately.

• Resilience
Never gives up easily, is determined to achieve a positive outcome, is self-aware
and emotionally resilient, remaining calm under pressure.

• Understanding others (emotional intelligence)
Is naturally curious about people and has a good understanding of how others behave.

• Motivation
• Is driven by the organisational mission. Has passion for technology, people and learning new things.
• Communication and Knowledge sharing - Fundamental
• Corporate Vision and Efficiency - Fundamental
• Change and Innovation - Intermediate
• Analysis and Decision Making - Intermediate
• Contribution to Delivery - Intermediate
• Managing the Customer Relationship - Intermediate
• Working with and Leading Others - Intermediate


At NCSC and GCHQ we are proud of our inclusive and supportive working environment that’s designed to encourage open minds and attitudes. As an organisation that values and nurtures talent, we are committed to helping you fulfil your potential. With comprehensive training and development opportunities, tailored to your needs and the requirements of your work, we will enable you to flourish in your role and perform to the very best of your abilities.

Access to learning and development tailored to your role
• Working environment that supports a range of flexible working options
• A working culture which encourages inclusion and diversity
• A civil service pension
• 25 days Annual leave

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