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Returner Placement: Contract Manager


Sheffield, Yorkshire and the Humber


About the job

Job description

Returner placements will be open to all individuals who have taken time out of work for at least 2 years, or are currently engaged in work that does not make the best use of their skills, competencies and qualifications.

Please explain clearly within your application how you feel you meet these criteria.

For further information, please refer to the attached Candidate Information Pack.

Government relies on its suppliers for the delivery of many important public services. Suppliers deliver services both to and on behalf of Government and consequently there is an expectation that in addition to delivering on their contractual obligations, suppliers will behave ethically and treat their service users, employees and subcontractors fairly and with respect. The Government is committed to the fair treatment of organisations delivering services in the supply chains for its contracts. Within DWP, the Employment and Health categories use the Merlin Standard to accredit their prime delivery partners and promote sustainable excellence, positive partnership working and high performance within their supply chains. The purpose of the Merlin Standard is to support the development, recognition and promotion of sustainable excellence, and positive partnership working within supply chains.

The role will involve supporting the following activities:
- Contract Management of the DWP’s Merlin Contract.
- Shape longer term future strategy of the Merlin Standard, with a view to re-procurement to be completed and a solution in place by summer 2019.
- Identifying the market behaviours the Employment Category wants to encourage/compel in its suppliers. Identify how the Merlin Standard could be used to deliver these objectives.
Explore possibilities for the Standard to be implemented and used across Government, with consideration given to trends in supplier assurance across Government.
- Handle any ad-hoc Merlin Mediation Service requests from Supply Chain Partners (SCPs). Continually liaise with the service provider
representing DWP in managing the contract.
- Work with a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders to identify their needs for the future of Merlin.
- Own and manage the procurement timeline for the delivery of a new provision by summer 2019. Undertake key activity to progress the tender and holding stakeholders to account on key actions.
- Write and present papers to the Commercial Approval Board (CAB) and other forums to seek views and feedback, and keep stakeholders updated on progress.
- Work with relevant cross-Government groups to raise awareness of Merlin.
- Utilise knowledge and relationships from attending cross-Government meetings to identify trends and future direction of supplier assurance across Government.