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Senior Assurance Manager

About Digital

In order to deliver our vision we need to be a flexible, innovative and collaborative department that connects with industry, business, research and development communities, consumers and all the other parts of the UK economy. We need to make evidence based policy decisions driven by coherent, exploitable and shared data. We need to connect with our customers, partners and other stakeholders in a business like way – embracing the full potential of the digital era. And we need to use the best modern technology to maximise our own productivity

This is underpinned by 4 strategic enablers:

1. People, skills and culture: a culture where Digital is embraced, understood and valued.

2. Partner, enable, assure: provide the tools, processes and support to empower teams to deliver quality services which meet government standards and user needs.

3. Service delivery: the design, build and delivery of services is agile - providing value for money through reuse of data and components and delivering services more quickly and effectively.

4. Continuous improvement: the ambition to continually improve is instilled in everything that we do. We seek feedback from our users and the data we capture to understand user behaviour to improve services and inform future service developments.

So we need a strong Digital, Data and Technology function that provides excellent services to the Department, enabling collaboration with our colleagues to deliver exceptional services for the consumers and businesses we serve. We currently have circa 120 posts in the team, with an annual budget allocation of circa £20m. There is an interim organisational structure in place pending the approval of a strategy that you will have the opportunity to shape and then deliver.

The Department has rolled out a G-cloud technology platform with a resilient infrastructure to provide the latest software to staff. We have only just begun to consider how we might exploit the opportunities presented by the latest technology. Therefore, we need a strong and experienced team to help both the Department and the function understand the possibilities and potential of the digital era and play a key role in the transformation of both the way we work and the services we deliver.

For further information please follow this link to view the BEIS Digital recruitment film: 

About the Role

This role is to work predominantly across a portfolio of business units within BEIS Core Department to ensure that each prepare an accurate and complete pipeline of their future digital and technology activities, and that projects on the pipeline are correctly triaged against Government Digital Service Standards, so that they comply with the Cabinet Office assurance process, and can be taken forward. A lot of time and effort will be required to get business units to understand the importance of following best practice.

About the Team

The Assurance team within the Digital, Data and Technology Directorate works closely with BEIS Core Policy teams and partner organisations across the BEIS Group to ensure that digital and technology spend complies with cross Government standards established by the Government Digital Service. We ensure that all spend has the relevant approvals as required by the assurance process. A pipeline of future activity is a key element in the process - projects on the pipelines need to be triaged against the standards and the triage needs to be assessed and ratified. The BEIS Senior Assurance Manager will have their own portfolio - working closely with the delivery and services teams.

Key Responsibilities

● Managing the relationship with teams within BEIS and across government bodies that report into the Department in order to ensure:

1. Visibility of all current committed and future spend on digital and technology;

2. Appropriate challenge and approval of digital and technology activity, including identifying and agreeing actions to improve compliance to the relevant Government standards.

● Providing advice and guidance to support stakeholders in reshaping BEIS technology and digital services to deliver tangible benefits to the user and the business.

● Supporting BEIS’ partners in developing their understanding and capability in developing services and products which meet the government's Digital Service Standard.

● Helping BEIS benefit from the experience and work of other service teams by facilitating engagement with other areas of BEIS and wider government that have delivered/are delivering similar services or products.

● Acting as an advocate for the organisation/project, making recommendations to BEIS' Portfolio Board and/or the Government Digital Service on assurance levels and delivery.

● The Assurance Manager will also be part of the BEIS community of Digital Service Standard assessors.

Person Specification

The job holder should have:

● Experience of working in a Programme and Project Management (PPM) role

● Experience with agile development methodologies & processes (SCRUM, Kanban etc)

● Experience in large-scale transactional environments

● Experience of working alongside a user cantered design function

● An understanding of digital procurement, ideally in a large organisation, a charity or in the public sector

● Awareness of the Government Digital and Technology agenda including the Digital Service Standard.

● Awareness of transforming technology as set out in the Government Service Design Manual

Please take time to read the attached Candidate pack for further information about this role and the recruitment process.


We'll assess you against these behaviours during the selection process:

  • Communicating and Influencing
  • Changing and Improving
  • Working Together
  • Managing a Quality Service