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Senior Policy Adviser

Roles are available across many areas in the department and you may be assigned to a specific policy area or to the priority projects unit.

The Priority Projects Unit
The Priority Projects Unit (PPU) has been set up to provide high calibre support and advice across wide-ranging, complex issues that fall
within the remit of the department. The PPU undertakes high priority projects, supporting new policy and delivery priorities as well as areas
under pressure that cannot be resourced by existing teams.
Successful candidates will be given specific, short-term assignments ranging from one to four months where they will be expected to take
ownership of hitting tight deadlines and managing competing priorities without compromising on quality of output. Ideal candidates will be
self-starters who are able to work autonomously and flexibly as work emerges and evolves.

Directorate Policy Roles
The nine policy Directorates in Department for Exiting the EU (DExEU) cover a wide range of policy issues affected by the UK’s exit of the
European Union, working with a wide range of stakeholders across Whitehall departments.

The Policy and Delivery Coordination Directorate leads DExEU’s work to coordinate the domestic policy implications of exit, across
government departments, to seize the opportunities and ensure a smooth process of exit.

The Justice Security and Migration Directorate leads DExEU’s work to consider our negotiating objectives relating to all aspects of the
justice, security and migration agenda.

Market Access and Budget lead on developing an in-depth understanding of the importance of different sectors of the economy, how they
are affected by our relationship with the EU and what arrangements we need to aim for in our future relationship to maximise the
opportunities and minimise the risks.

The International Agreements and Trade unit leads DExEU’s work on international trade, trade policy, and oversees cross-Whitehall work to
ensure the UK can continue to benefit from more than 1,000 international agreements we currently access through the EU.

International Member States is responsible for DExEU’s analysis of the situation in Europe, with a focus on Member States and the EU

The focus of the Communications and Stakeholders directorate is to agree and communicate to all stakeholders a clear purpose and
objectives for the department and to ensure it has the right resources and governance to ensure it achieves its objectives.

The Planning and Analysis Directorate is responsible for development and coordination of the strategy and planning work for exiting the EU.

The Negotiation Coordination Unit was established to structure and support the government’s negotiating team throughout the negotiations
with the EU.

The Legislation and Constitution Directorate has responsibility for implementing the withdrawal agreement between the UK and the EU in
domestic legislation. The team works across Government to ensure all domestic legislation required to deliver the UK’s exit from the EU is
in place regardless of the precise terms of the new relationship or deal.

Priority Projects Policy Adviser
For a priority projects unit member, there are many opportunities to develop a range of skills and to work on a variety of interesting projects.
Projects are likely to include:
● Complex, cross-cutting areas of work;
● Significant policy, delivery and analysis reviews;
● Short term problem solving with policy teams on urgent issues;
● Supporting policy teams on planning and managing their projects and programmes, including contributing to analysis, management
of risks and charting progress; and
● Working on shared policy areas with representatives from other Government Departments.


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