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Senior Veterinary Inspector and Mobile Senior Veterinary Inspector


Chelmsford, Exeter, Lincoln, Aston Down, Wallingford, Worcester, Weymouth, Bridgewater, Welwyn Garden City, Shrewsbury


About the job

Job description

There is no standard APHA vet. Essential attributes would be a positive attitude and a willingness to deliver effectively. Not only does the Agency state that it is diverse; it has delivered on that aspiration. You would be likely to have colleagues from several different countries, of different ages and different professional experience and background. Different people bring different skills with them from previous jobs, which is beneficial to the Agency. In return the Agency makes a point of supporting new entrants to address any specific areas where they may lack experience. As a civil servant it should go without saying that honesty, integrity and impartiality are essential. As a vet you should have these qualities by default.

More information about these roles and the application process is available within the attached candidate information pack.

Person specification


• Professional credibility with sound written and verbal
communication skills sufficient to represent APHA as necessary
• High standard of interpersonal skills and ability to work as part of a
multi-disciplinary team
• Ability to display leadership by supporting agreed changes
and displaying behaviours that align with Civil Service and
organisational values
• Ability to use and communicate veterinary knowledge within and
external to APHA in a way that promotes understanding by the
target audience(s), including production of succinct and accurate
reports to meet specified requirements
• Ability to work within an auditable system of procedures and
processes maintaining appropriate levels of quality assurance and
control, including excellent standards of record keeping
• Ability to work in a flexible and agile way to support development
and to make use of current technology
• All candidates must have demonstrable skills in written and spoken English to enable effective communication about veterinary topics with customers and colleagues. To include drafting witness statements where needed
• Practical experience in as many aspects of veterinary work as possible; including the handling of farmed animals, proficiency in routine techniques, and evidence of firsthand relevant experience, skills and competencies which will enable them to develop as State Veterinarians


• A minimum of 2 years’ experience in relevant veterinary practice
• Previous experience in state veterinary medicine
• Knowledge of GB
• AH&W Legislation
• Animal Husbandry systems and Welfare
• TB Policy and controls
• Exotic Notifiable Disease Response


Driving License in the UK


A Member or Fellow of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons