Bristol City Council


Why Bristol City Council?

We’re Bristol City Council, a vibrant local authority responsible for providing services to the 450,000-strong population of Bristol.


We provide hundreds of day-to-day services to support people who live or work in Bristol, from issuing business grants to providing social care to running the city’s museums and parks. We deliver a range of services for people who visit the city too.

Bristol is a successful city with much to be proud of but, like all cities, we have our challenges. The city’s success doesn't reach everyone living here and this brings some difficult issues.

We have an ambitious vision to build a better Bristol that includes everyone in the city’s success and leaves no one behind.

That’s why we’re looking for innovative and talented individuals who can help us achieve this vision. We want people who share our values and commitment to serve the city, its communities and citizens.

At Bristol City Council we pride ourselves on growing a workforce that is talented, diverse and motivated and represents the community it serves. Only then can we provide an appropriate and outstanding service to all Bristol citizens.  We aim to have a diverse workforce where creativity thrives.   Our handling of equality and inclusion will reach the high standards we expect of ourselves and others will look to us as a source of good practice. 

It’s a great time to join us. In August 2020 Bristol published a new Workforce Strategy which has equality and inclusion at its core. We became the first major city to publish reports on ethnicity and disabled employees pay gaps, as well as the required gender pay gap report. We're now changing and improving our equality, diversity and inclusion performance and embedding positive practices into everything we do.

We’re investing in changes and improvements to recruitment, strategies and leadership that lead to increased diversity in the council’s workforce, as well as creating a range of opportunities for under-represented groups to move in to senior roles, such as The Stepping Up programme. This is Bristol’s award-winning leadership scheme for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups and other equality groups: just one way in which we're working towards a more inclusive work place. If you're joining the council, you could have the opportunity to apply for this, and other, positive action initiatives. 

We’re proud to be accredited by the schemes below:

Disability Confident Employer
We’re a Disability Confident employer which means we value recruiting and retaining disabled people. Any job applicants who consider themselves to be disabled and meet the essential criteria in the Person Specification are guaranteed an interview. We’ll make reasonable adjustments throughout the interview process and provide continued workplace support throughout your career.

Ban the Box 
We give ex-offenders a fair chance to compete for jobs by removing the ‘criminal convictions’ tick box from application forms for roles which don’t require a DBS check. 

Time to change: Employer pledge
We’re committed to creating a more open and understanding culture around mental health issues in our workplace. We’ll make reasonable adjustments throughout the interview process and provide continued workplace support throughout your career. 

Women in Business
We understand the importance of achieving gender equality and inclusivity for all women in our workplace and closing the gender pay gap. Wherever practical, we encourage a work, life balance to enable employees to balance their career with other life commitments. 

Stonewall Diversity Champion
Our workplace is an inclusive and safe environment, where all our LGBT staff are accepted without exception. 


Staff led groups

Staff led groups, also known as staff networks, are employee-led groups that work with us to make the council a diverse, inclusive workplace, aligned with the organisational mission, values, goals, business practices and objectives.


The embRACE network work with us to:

  • create a safe and positive working environment for black, Asian and other ethnic minority staff
  • eliminate racial discrimination for employees and citizens
  • develop and maintain a representative workforce
  • provide a forum for black and Asian employees
  • engage with internal and external groups to share information and experiences
  • work to change and implement council policies

Disabled colleagues network

The Disabled colleagues network work with us to:

  • promote improvement, mainly in: recruitment, retention, training, and career development opportunities for colleagues with disabilities
  • give colleagues with disabilities a voice: maintain a solid network, that gives colleagues a safe and positive atmosphere in which to voice their concerns and experiences

If you have any issues you want to talk about, let Disabled colleagues network know. They may be able to sign post you, or put you in touch with the appropriate officer that could help you.

LGBTQ+ group

The LGBTQ+ group support and advise us in:

  • raising awareness on equality and diversity issues within the workplace, especially in relation to issues that affect LGBT+ (including genderqueer, nonbinary, questioning, intersex and asexual) staff
  • maintaining a network for LGBT+ colleagues to share experiences and support one another as well as give our staff a voice

Young Professionals network

The Young Professionals network support young staff working for us:

  • with development and wellbeing
  • promoting a more diverse and workforce
  • providing training opportunities to staff
  • providing a space to network and socialise with colleagues of the same age

They also work with senior leaders on policies and programmes that support and promote young staff in the council.

If you'd like to find out more, email