Cygnet Healthcare


Working At Cygnet 

At Cygnet, our colleagues are extraordinary people who come with a range of different skills, expertise and knowledge. Every single one of them helps us empower people to change their lives for the better. 

Wherever your strengths lie, you can use them at Cygnet to make a meaningful difference to others.

As you help us support people, as an Employer we do our very best to support you too. 

Through a host of staff benefits, career progression paths and helping our staff if they are struggling themselves. 


Our Values...

Care : We Care. We listen to each other and care for each other. We care deeply about everyone who is part of the Cygnet community.

Respect : We Respect. We treat people fairly as individuals. We understand the strength that lies in our diversity. We ensure people have the ability and support to make a positive difference.
Empower : We Empower. We empower people to make informed decisions and forge their own path. We encourage people to take every opportunity.
Trust : We Trust. Forming the basis of our therapeutic and working relationships, we work hard to build and maintain trust.
Integrity : We have Integrity. Guided by a strong moral code, we act with the best intentions and for the right reasons; making person-centred decisions based on individual assessment.
So what are some of the challanges working here at Cygnet Healthcare?


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At Cygnet, our people work across many different teams that pull together to achieve excellent outcomes for those in our care. So wherever your strengths lie, you can make the most of them with us.


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