HM Revenue and Customs


Working With HM Revenue & Customs 

When you join HM Revenue & Customs, you’ll be working for one of the UK’s largest organisations, with around 66,000 people working across the UK.

We are responsible for collecting taxes and duties paid by more than 50 million people and 5 million businesses. This money collected pays for the UK’s public services and helps families and individuals with targeted financial support. We touch the lives of everyone in the UK through the scale and range of the work that we do.

The tax we collect is vital to keep the country running. It funds schools and hospitals, builds roads and infrastructure and supports communities and the economy. In addition, we pay and administer Child Benefit, Tax-Free Childcare, statutory pay and tax credits. We also protect the public through enforcing the National Minimum Wage and Living Wage and we keep our borders safe, ensuring trade flows smoothly in and out of the country.

We want everyone to feel valued and comfortable being their true self at work. We are proud to be a diverse and inclusive employer, supporting social mobility by giving opportunities to people no matter their background. That’s why we have several staff diversity networks that cover race, disability, LGBTQ, gender, carers and more. You’ll be able to join any of these networks when you start with us and getting involved is easy.

When you join us, you’ll join a friendly and helpful community. We’ll give the support you need to grow in confidence and help you enjoy your time inside and outside the work place ensuring you have a good work-life balance. To help achieve this we provide an extensive number of benefits, extras and memberships, including:

  • Flexible working arrangements, including opportunities to work from home where the role and personal circumstances are suitable
  • Generous annual leave package
  • Competitive pension scheme
  • Extensive talent, career and personal development programmes

But that’s not all. Take a look at the ‘Your little extras and big benefits’ booklet and you may be surprised at what we have to offer.

We really believe in making HMRC a great place for everyone to work.