Ramboll is a global engineering, architecture and consultancy company shaping built and natural environments around the world. Founded in Denmark in 1945, the company lives up to the Nordic reputation for being ethically, environmentally and socially conscious.

Their mission to create sustainable societies where people and nature flourish makes Ramboll a workplace where everyone is encouraged to contribute, grow and innovate, while being guided by deeply rooted core values.

Why they have launched a Return to Work programme

Every year many extremely talented people choose to pause their careers for a variety of reasons. Ramboll’s Return to Work Programme aims to reinvigorate the careers of those who have taken time out, ringfencing flexible opportunities for returners and providing additional support to ease the transition.

Ramboll has partnered with Inclusivity to create a programme that will help you get back up to speed in a friendly and welcoming environment.


How the programme works

The Returners programme starts on Monday 10th January 2022 and lasts for six months until Friday 8th July 2022.

You will be part of a cohort of fellow returners. These paid opportunities will bring you up to speed with the current market while letting you put your past career expertise to use. While there are no guarantees, these fixed-term positions are designed as a stepping stone back into a professional career; our goal is to secure you a permanent position by the end of the programme.

You will be eligible for benefits and annual leave from day one. Ramboll has a positive approach to flexible and hybrid working; they welcome applications from those seeking to work full- or part-time and, in most circumstances, offer additional flexibility around working hours and regular home working. In some situations, candidates may be offered to start sooner, should that be of interest, and match business needs.

Support on Offer

Throughout the programme Inclusivity will support you by:

  • Conducting first interviews
  • Ensure you feel comfortable before your interview and help you prepare
  • Help update your CV and choose the best version to move forward with

If successful:

  • Prior to week one, you will join the cohort for pre-commencement training. This session is designed to place you in a position for a confident first day, equipping you with the knowledge and insights on how to take control of your own success.
  • Also prior to week one, we will deliver a training session to your line manager on how to best support a career returner, particularly in the early months.
  • During the programme you will receive 3 one-to-one coaching sessions with Inclusivity’s specialist return to work coaches. These sessions will address any personal needs you may have.
  • Connecting you with a buddy and an internal mentor

Who is the Returner programme for

Returner opportunities are available to those who have been on a career break of 18 months or longer from the time of application.

The programme is seeking expressions of interest from people with the following backgrounds:

- Civil, structural or mechanical engineering backgrounds

- Project management backgrounds within construction or engineering

- Renewable energy consulting

- Energy strategy

- Offshore wind consulting / project management / engineering / design management

To Apply

Inclusivity will review all applications and contact potential candidates to arrange an initial interview.

Please note interviews are conducted on a rolling basis as applications come in. Please try not to leave your application to the last few days.

To apply for any role in the programme you will need to:

· Have a keen interest in returning to work

· Demonstrate previous experience in a similar field with the required listed opportunity areas

· Provide evidence of right to work in the United Kingdom

· Be able to work for 3, 4 or 5 days per week

Applications close on Friday 8th October


Ramboll believes in creating and embracing an inclusive culture, they value diversity and encourage individuals to be themselves, where knowledge sharing and learning together is part of their collective journey. Personal and professional development is central to their people policies and enabled with the help of a transparent organisation structure, annual salary benchmarking and promotion reviews, and guided development process.

Underpinned by strong values and ethics, Ramboll strives to support all colleagues throughout their life and provides an extensive array of benefits and initiatives to support employee and family health and wellbeing.

Ramboll is also unique in that it is 97.7% owned by a Foundation set up to ensure the long-term existence of the company. Profit is reinvested in the business, awarded to research and development projects, and donated to philanthropic causes. The remainder of its shares are owned by Ramboll employees.

These are just some of the ways that Ramboll demonstrates their commitment to providing a secure, exciting and inspiring workplace for their employees. They also recognise not all people will want to return to their careers on a full-time basis, which is why they are incredibly welcoming of those seeking both part-time and full-time returner opportunities.