Fathers Day treats for those special Daddies

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It’s that time of year again, where us Mums put on our thinking caps to come up with a Father’s Day gift (meant to be a job for the children, always ends up being ours) to make Daddy feel appreciated.

Now, this doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Let's also consider the environment and stop buying those things that let's face it end up unused in the bottom of a draw or in the bin.

To help you out, we’ve come up with 5, easy, environmentally friendly and affordable ways to make Daddy feel appreciated, while getting the children involved in the present – because let’s face it, it is from them.

Breakfast in bed

Simple, affordable, the children can get involved and Daddy will be chuffed. Breakfast could be anything from a Full English to a bowl of cornflakes, depending on how energetic you’re feeling in the morning. The children will enjoy setting it up on a tray with a Father’s Day card and will probably argue over who gets to carry it in. It’s the gesture that counts and Daddy will agree.

Hand print wall art

The children will definitely enjoy getting involved in this. All you need is some child-friendly paint, a canvas or piece of card, and a picture frame (and nerves of steel if you don’t do it outside, think of the carpets). The children will love giving Daddy something that they’ve literally left their mark on!

Design a card

Generic but quick, cheap and effective. No child in their right mind wouldn’t love getting stuck in with PVA glue, feathers and glitter. It will be worth it just to see Dads face when he opens the envelope (if the feathers will fit).

Decorate a mug (or a beer glass)

Ceramic or glass paint is easy enough to pick up in craft shops, online or even in a supermarket. Then all you need is a plain glass or mug and eager children. Dad will love taking his ‘World’s greatest’ mug to work to show off, even if it means bits of paint floating in his coffee.

Bake a cake

Who doesn’t like cake? This could possibly be the messiest idea of the five, but you get to eat cake at the end which makes it worthwhile. Pick up some coloured icing at the supermarket and let your children loose. Dad will love the gesture, and the fact he gets to eat cake.

Whatever you decide to do, have a great Father’s Day with Daddy and the children. He’s sure to appreciate whatever the children get or make him. He has to, it’s the law of Fatherhood.

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