Blog - July 2019

  • How to work from home

    Posted on Thursday, July 4, 2019 by Sarah ArnoldNo comments

    Everyone wants to work from home, surely? No more getting up at the crack of dawn, spending hours on the train or stuck in a traffic jam. No need to apply full make-up, wear smart clothes and be immaculately turned out. Instead, you can start and finish work when you want, wear your pyjamas and be hugely productive, because there are no office distractions and no meetings about meetings. Well, ...

  • Meet Layla: A working Mum at Hastings Direct

    Posted on Wednesday, July 3, 2019 by Helen MillerNo comments

    Achieving The Ideal Work-Life Balance With Hastings Direct I have worked at Hastings Direct for nearly three years and in February 2017 I had my little boy. "Hastings Direct were really supportive when I returned and moved from full-time to part-time shifts. The new shifts worked around my family really well and I now feel that I have a great work - life balance." Throughout my maternity leave my ...