A new world of work, in Accountancy!

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I don’t usually write blogs for our #FollowersOfFlex, but every now and then you get a client that just Gets It.

A client who understands that when it comes to recruitment, it’s not just about another 'bum on a seat'.

A client that can see the value of what the Person has to offer. Who understands that the whole ‘Package’ will include home life, just as much as work life.

A client who gets flex. Who can see the increase in productivity, the uplift in morale, the joy that can be found in hard work when ‘Life’ is a key factor.

I recently had the opportunity to engage with a client that does all of this, one that has even thought about, and accommodated for, your ‘Exit Strategy’!

A client who compelled me to write.

Prydis is a Wealth, Accounts, Legal and Investment Consultancy supporting businesses across the UK, who live and breathe flexible working and have masterminded a whole new way to work, that not only works for them, but WORKS for every Accountant who joins ‘The Pack’.

I (virtually) met Joe & Stuart from the executive team over at Prydis, both of whom have worked where you have. They’ve trodden the road thoroughly travelled and having done so, decided to make a change. To lay the groundwork of an alternative route to the top. To build a business where hungry and driven Accountants, are given the room to build their business themselves, under the umbrella of an organization who are prepared to take the risk.

Imagine being a ‘Start-Up’ without the costs involved in setting up from scratch. Imagine being your own boss, setting your own hours, determining your own schedule, and growing your business and client base, your way. Imagine being able to support your clients with all aspects of their financial wellbeing, offering services that won’t take up your valuable time, but that still adds revenue to your bottom line. Imagine knowing that if you work hard for three years at building your business, that there is a ready-made ‘capital event’.  That is what these guys are offering. They will even float you for the first few months should you need them to.

I can honestly tell you, if someone had offered me all that at the beginning of my journey to find flex, I would be hard pressed in turning it down.

So my question is this, could this be the new world of work? Are the team over at Prydis trailblazing in giving people what they want from work & life, whilst continuing to grow their own business in a thoughtful and unique way?

I will let you decide.

And if you are one of those Accountants out there who is thinking of taking the plunge and want something solid at your back, joining The Pack could be your answer.

Happy calculating the pro’s and cons,

Cheney Hamilton

CEO, Find|YourFlex & UntappedTalentUK

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