Logistics– Driving opportunity for women….

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There’s often a perception about logistics. That it’s male-dominated and all about men in high vis jackets and hard hats.  

In fact, it can offer some diverse and interesting opportunities. Every industry and sector needs logistics; it’s about delivering for the customer; retail, transport, construction, fashion. As well as warehouse workers, there’s a need for business development and customer-facing with specialist knowledge and expertise in their chosen field. It’s not all about physically moving product from A to B.  It’s about moving product at the right time, at the right price to the right place. This opens up a whole raft of opportunity. 

Logistics clerk, duty manager, executive assistant, administrator and route planner 

are just a few of the roles available. Largely, these roles require great planning, time management skills and attention to detail. Whether you’ve worked in logistics before or not, some companies like logistics giant Amazon for example, offer return to work schemes. 


And in a world that operates 24/7, logistics roles can often offer flexibility as they often involve shift work. For example, a logistics clerk role with hours from 5am-14.00pm may suit you down to the ground. It would involve using your multi-tasking and customer-facing skills to man the front desk, give drivers their manifests, log the distribution of keys, ensure checks are done and that all paperwork is 100% compliant. 

If you’re a people person and a stickler for detail and precision, logistics really could be for you

whether you’re looking for an entry level role or your nest step on the logistics career ladder. It might seem daunting, but don’t dismiss it based on out-of-date perceptions. Look into it – you might be surprised! You could also check out the Women in Logistics group, which is part of The Chartered Institute for Logistics and Transport. http://womeninlogistics.org.uk/

Over 4000 women belong to the group and are flying the flag for women in the industry. 

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