A Career in Social Care may be your most rewarding decision to date

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Lost Your Job in Retail?

With the impact of COVID-19 still taking its toll, hundreds of workers in retail and hospitality are finding themselves out of work. This is partly due to the stores and restaurants not surviving the pandemic and the drastic rise in automation in the retail and hospitality industries.

For those workers, the end of the pandemic is due to bring more uncertainty. Changing careers is always a daunting prospect but for those previously in retail and hospitality, a new career in social care may well be the most rewarding decision.


Transferable skills

For those who have worked in hospitality or retail for many years, it might be hard to imagine doing anything else. Social care may not seem like an obvious choice for a career change,but you may have more transferable skills than you think.

Skills such as customer service, teamwork, crisis management, attention to detail, time management and multitasking are just a few of the skills already obtained in the retail or hospitality industry that can easier transfer over to social care.


More than just a job

Customer service is as the heart of any retail or hospitality job. Any bartender, shop assistant, waiter or store manager will know that the customer is the priority and they will be passionate about making their experience as enjoyable as possible. Making sure a customer buys the right dress or has a delicious meal is important, but if you’re a person who loves interacting with others and helping them grow then social care will be a lot more rewarding.

Steph Pollitt is the North West Supported Living Locality Manager and is currently recruiting for a new brand-new team in Macclesfield

“We can’t lie, caring can be a very demanding job. But the feel-good factor you get when one of your patients achieves a milestone is out of this world,” she says.

“It’s a huge privilege being able to build relationships and care for patients and their families. And as no two days are the same, the variety keeps every day interesting.” 


Money matters

Unfortunately, one thing that many hospitality and retail jobs have in common is the low pay. These careers choices rarely make you rich but the one difference that social care has is the opportunities it brings. A career in social care can get you on a solid and stable career path with monitored progression opportunities if you want them. Aside from the money, it offers a community to be a part off.

Emma Hodson is one person to benefit from such opportunities in the care industry. She is currently the Home Manager at Brant Broughton in Lincolnshire and is looking to expand her team.

“I have worked for Broughton House for 20 years, starting off as a Support Worker myself,” she said.

“In my 20 years I’ve seen so much innovation in the sector, we feel positive about the future of care and the industry.Although there’s so much doom and gloom in the news, working with us gives our staff an opportunity to be outdoors organising fun excursions in the countryside, making a genuine difference to patients’ and their families’ livesevery single day. It’s rewarding to play such a valuable role within our community”.


Life after lockdown

After an uncertain and difficult year, a change of career into the care industry could be the change that many people need. With hundreds of jobs in hospitality and retail being lost every week, the change would bring some much-needed stability and will allow employees to become part of a family, a community and to help empower those that need support.

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