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When turbulent times hit it’s the adaptable among us that survive. Add in the element of a culture that cares for it’s clients and customers and you get a business that can thrive.

Our latest guest post is from Raring To Go and they tell us how they have come together and established new routines to cope with the many changes forced on society of late.


When the going gets tough!

When a situation becomes difficult, as it did all too clearly during the pandemic and lockdowns, it is the way that strong and united people ‘step up’ and handle the situation that really counts and makes all the difference.


This is what we did centrally at Raring2go! to support our franchisees as soon as soon as the first lockdown was announced:


  • We instantly reduced our monthly licence fee by just under 40% and we fixed this from April 2020 to September 2020. This 40% was waived not deferred to a later time.
  • We reduced the cost of print by reinstating pricing from 2017. This made a significant difference to our franchisees and was a real testament to the relationships we have built with suppliers.
  • We gave our franchisees extended 90 days terms to settle invoices from their Spring edition
  • We provided online tools to enable franchisees to produce a revenue generating summer edition in online format only
  • We used our franchisee council to steer us in all key decisions affecting the business
  • We launched our new website packed full of new features and rolled out training via zoom to franchisees
  • We established a weekly ‘drop in’ Zoom call for all franchisees which we continue to do to this day. It has been a real lifeline for many
  • We arranged weekly ‘ask the experts’ zoom sessions to help our franchisees cope with motivation, business planning and getting payments in
  • We recorded all Zoom sessions without fail and posted them to our OneDrive so those franchisees who couldn’t attend were able to view them later
  • We established and executed a detailed plan of how we would support our advertising clients during the lockdown, many of who had been massively impacted. The goodwill we generated is already evident.


Note: During the most recent lockdown from late December to late March we similarly extended the same considerations to our franchise network. In addition, Raring2go! is ploughing significant budget into its online platforms to reinforce its digital presence even further.


Here is what one of our advertisers says about us:

As a client of Raring2go! working with a number of your titles across the UK, I have been really impressed by how you responded to the pandemic and the challenges it created for all concerned. You appeared to put a great deal of effort into supporting clients online, offering free of charge coverage when it was needed most. This in turn will have helped your franchisees as their clients will not hesitate I am sure in coming back to them for their advertising needs in the future when budgets improve.

Elese Fisher, Managing Director of Broccoli Marketing Ltd.

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