The Find Your Flex Group



The Find Your Flex group believe in a better future of work. One where our children won’t question if they are the right age, gender, race or type of person to do a role. A future of work where people are assessed on what value they can bring to a role, not what background they have. The group firmly believe that TRUE flexible working paves the way for this. It should be accessible to EVERYBODY.

Over the years, the group have worked with over 300 companies, promoting the benefits of flexible working to both employees AND businesses and preparing them to weather the storms of climate change, Brexit and Covid-19 along with anything else our future has in store. And it’s not just about parents: Find Your Flex is fighting the cause for everyone – young, old, male, female, Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, carers, those living with disabilities – anyone who wants to work and live a little bit better.


It’s simple, The Find Your Flex Group believe flexible working should be available for all, not a privilege for some. Everything the group do has the purpose of driving a better future of work for all.

This summer Cheney started on an exciting new journey to make real change in the workplace by joining the 50:50 Parliamentary Group  and taking her first step to become an MP.  From the outset, she has been supported by the Labour Party female MP’s and in particular her “buddy” Catherine.

Cheney’s ambition is to make change from within parliament for everyone in the UK. 

The group also have some exciting plans for 2021. Projects that will really highlight the best of the best when it comes to employers of choice.


Cheney Hamilton is the CEO & Founder of the FindYourFlex network, she is a noted Thought Leader on the Future Of Work and a member of the 50:50 Parliamentary Group.

Cheney advocates on the need for careers with #FlexAppeal and encourages the use of output based job descriptions to ensure all bias is removed and a purely Inclusive engagement exists for candidates, increasing applicant diversity.



Cheney also brings together industry leading HR specialists to deliver focused one hour ‘power’ sessions for her clients and their teams, covering topics such as Embedding Flexible Working, Establishing Positive Behaviours – Values – Cultures, Reducing Gender Pay Gap, Work Life Balance Discovery & Output working.

Cheney regularly speaks at Career and Future of Work events and has received several awards for Culture, Sustainability, Entreprenurialship, Championing Women and Community Making.



“Flexible working needs to become commonplace and available for anyone who wants it”